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FPT Industrial showcases its full Stage V technology range at POWERGEN in Dallas

FPT Industrial at POWERGEN 2022
FPT Industrial International
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FPT Industrial at POWERGEN 2022


FPT Industrial was diamond premier sponsor and exhibitor at POWERGEN International in Dallas (Texas, USA), the largest network and business hub for power generators, displaying its cutting-edge Stage V/EPA Tier 4 Final engine technology. From May 23 to 25, FPT Industrial’s stand at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center (Booth #5000) showcased its full Stage V/EPA Tier 4 Final range including the F36, N67 and Cursor 9. The efficient N67 Tier 3, and the engine of the future, the Cursor X, completed the line-up.


Featuring patented HI-eSCR technology to meet the most demanding emission regulations, FPT Industrial’s dual certified Stage V/EPA Tier 4 Final, DPF-free and ATS maintenance-free range delivers best-in-class uptime, ease of installation, and exceptional fuel efficiency, for reduced cost of ownership.

F36 Stage V/Tier 4 Final - The perfect engine for the most demanding mission

The F36 stands out for its power density, offering an increase of 25% on previous generations, covering up to 100 kVA for the most demanding applications. Add in low operating costs and exceptionally easy maintenance, and you have the ideal unit for the most demanding missions.

Thanks to the lowest EGR rate in the market (<10%) and optimized Cooling Pack, the F36 offers high performance in a compact layout – a ready-to-run system, featuring pre-assembled G-Drive and ATS. One-side serviceability allows for fast and easy maintenance, while the possibility to switch from 1,500 to 1,800 rpm for all customer requirements (50/60Hz) helps minimize warehouse stock.

FPT Industrial F36<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial

N67 Stage V/Tier 4 Final - Specifically designed for heavy applications and harsh ambient conditions, both low load and low temperature

Developed to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements, the N67 is the perfect proof of FPT Industrial’s technological excellence.

The maintenance-free ATS, featuring 5th generation Hi-eSCR technology, delivers optimized urea consumption, down to 6.3% (av. 8%). The EGR-free combustion maximizes power, optimizes fuel efficiency, and enhances reliability thanks to its lean engine layout.

All these state-of-the-art technical solutions allow engine uptime to be maximized with the minimum oil quantity (oil system capacity 17.5 l). Warehouse stock minimization comes courtesy of the possibility to switch from 1,500 to 1,800 rpm for all customer requirements (50/60Hz).

FPT Industrial N67<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial

Cursor 9 Stage V/Tier 4 Final - The best solution for highly demanding applications, both for power generation and power units

Designed for prime and stand-by applications, Cursor 9 offers top power, fast load response and best-in-class total cost of ownership with high power density. High efficiency, proven reliability, long maintenance intervals, and premium performance make this power unit the state-of-the-art of engine for power generation. An extremely compact second-generation Common Rail system and EGR-free architecture allow for a compact footprint and low running costs. This ready-to-run system, with Cooling Pack and Air Cleaner pre-mounted for fast and easy installation, offers the possibility to switch from 1,500 rpm to 1,800 rpm for all customer requirements (50/60 Hz) in order to minimize warehouse stock.

FPT Industrial Cursor 9<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial

ATS Pack - A smart installation solution designed with customers’ needs in mind

Featuring a compact layout, and available for both N67 Stage V/Tier 4 Final and Cursor 9 Stage V/Tier 4 Final, the ATS Pack is a pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-validated solution for flexible, fast and easy installation and labor savings. FPT Industrial’s “For Life” maintenance-free technology guarantees maximum uptime.

N67 Tier 3 - Proven robustness and durability confirmed by more than 2 million NEF engines produced since 2001

The N67 Tier 3 engine offers impressive power and load acceptance with top-class levels of reliability and efficiency. FPT Industrial’s patented Common Rail injection system guarantees low fuel consumption (fuel savings of up to 10% vs. premium brand competitors), while 600-hour service intervals keep operating and maintenance costs down. Optimized installation footprint and reduced logistical costs complete the all-round efficiency of this solid and straightforward power generation solution.

Crusor X - The power source concept designed for planet earth

FPT Industrial’s Cursor X 4.0 Power Source Concept is symbolic of the Brand’s conception of innovation, also reflecting its product strategy vision, and underlining its commitment to research and development into alternative fuels.

FPT Industrial Cursor X<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial

Multi-power: any energy, any mission

The Cursor X concept would adapt to provide the most suitable solution for the customer’s business and mission, whether based on natural gas internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell electric generation, or battery-stored energy.

Modular: one engine, customized performance

The power source concept would be the same size as an internal combustion engine, with a modular architecture that allows easy assembly, vehicle integration, servicing, and full scalability.

Multi-application: endless possibilities

Thanks to its wide range of options, the Cursor X is designed to supply energy for traction, auxiliary systems, implements, and PTOs to any kind of industrial vehicle or machine – from delivery vans and buses, small dozers and crawler excavators, to specialty tractors and combines.

Mindful: introducing a new era

The power source concept has been designed to have self-learning capabilities and to provide a significant amount of information for further hardware and software design developments. It could be equipped with processors and sensors to detect faults, analyze wear and tear, and predict maintenance requirements.

“Perfectly consistent with POWERGEN International 2022’s theme – Destination 2050 – our powerful display of Stage V/EPA Tier 4 Final power generation solutions offered further confirmation of FPT Industrial’s leadership in this business in North America,” said Braden Cammauf, Vice President FPT Industrial North America, “As well as a strong affirmation that performance and sustainability can progress together, going beyond today’s industry requirements. Pioneering the most innovative and sustainable solutions for both our customers and our planet is a mission we are always aiming to fulfill.”

Source: FPT Industrial