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Manitou’s Communications Officer Franck Lethorey and Caroline Reese at the Pré-Intermat 2018 in Paris Go to photo
Manitou’s Communications Officer Franck Lethorey and Caroline Reese at the Pré-Intermat 2018 in Paris

Franck Lethorey, Communications Officer Manitou, in an interview with Caroline Reese, LECTURA Press on Manitou’s new product launches for the 2018 Intermat

Which new products will Manitou be launching at INTERMAT 2018?

Manitou will introduce a new Forklift at the 2018 Intermat in Paris. We can’t release the actual name of the model yet, but it will be in an entirely new design.

Is it true that the demand for forklifts has increased these past years?


I have to say that there are different reasons as to why we are so passionate about this project. Manitou is a pioneer in forklift manufacturing and the first existing Manitou machine was actually a forklift. Because the forklift market is one with such a high demand in new machines and improved technology, it was our goal to meet this demand with a new model in our range. This machine will be the main reveal for the upcoming event

What else?

Furthermore, we will be presenting a number of new machines and applications for our telehandler and aerial work platform ranges. The 180 ATJ and 160ATJ articulating booms with 18m and 16m working heights, now offer a Stage V compliant engine, which will be the first of their kind. The special thing about this engine is that it is operating without and after treatment and with a reduced energy level from 26kwh to 19 kwh. Both models have also been improved to ensure easier transportation and quicker removal of the basket, as well as a new design and wider wheels.

On the Manitou stand we will also present an updated version of the AWP 100 VJR vertical mast with new counterweight and torrent is now easily transportable using a forklift.

The 100 VRJ Evo now offers enhanced lifting cycles due to the new lifting pump installed in this machine.
The Manitou telehandler range of machines will be supported by the MRT 2470. The telehandler has a 7t capacity, a 24,8m maximum lifting height, a reach of 20,5m and weight in at 21,85t. The Mercedes engine of this telehandler is equipped with hydrostatic transmission.

Please share with me your thoughts on the “electric drives” trend/ movement.


First of all, I need to say that this became quite a controversial topic over the past year. Yes, Manitou is working on solutions for various different machines. We already offer our customers electric forklifts. Additionally, we sell the Manitou bi-energy AWP. These are not fully hybrid machines, operating on electric power and diesel. For the aerial work platforms, we are working and thinking about electric solutions and who knows, maybe in one or two years we can add a fully electric AWP to the Manitou range of products.

In this industry, everything is dependent on the efficiency of the machines. Therefore, it is essential to combine the economic factor with the performance in order to manufacture machines that are useful for our customers. I have to say that we are taking our time evaluating all the options there are for electric drives to create machines that will have an additional value in all application areas.

Editor’s note:
As a global manufacturer of rough terrain handling equipment, the Manitou Group earned the Equipment and Materials prize within the Components and Attachments category for this year’s Intermat Innovations Awards in Paris. The jury appreciated Manitou for their patented stabilization system for the MRT 2470 and MRT 3050. The company is considered a pioneer in the rotating telescopic forklift segment.

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Source: LECTURA GmbH Verlag