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Hyundai construction equipment at the HCEE training center in Tassenderlo, Belgium Go to photo
Hyundai construction equipment at the HCEE training center in Tassenderlo, Belgium

Frank Frickenstein, Sales Manager Germany, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe in an interview with LECTURA Press

How did the changes within Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe effect sales on the German market?

By becoming an independent company on April 1st, 2017 the Construction Equipment division improved its agility. From then onwards the newly established mother company was able to make independent decisions in the interest of the industries and markets worldwide.  Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe today has a strong commitment to growth. In October 2017 the European HQ moved to Tessenderlo, Belgium. This € 30 million investment project will enable Hyundai Construction Equipment to increase its success in Europe. On 81,000 square meters of land, a new headquarters, a new warehouse, a training facility, an event hall and a showroom were built. This new facility is an excellent step forward for the European division.

Frank Frickenstein, Sales Manager Germany, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe at the HCEE Experience Days in Tassenderlo, Belgium

Which strategic steps will follow in the future?


To be successful, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe will further expand the dealer network, widen the product range and focus on key customers. Hyundai has proven that success is a choice. Hyundai’s loyalty and support for its European dealers, customers and business partners has paid off in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Our strategic operational vision for Hyundai Construction 18-36 months is as follows: We want to excel in what we do. We want to become a great company to do business with. Do not forget: people do business with people, not with companies! We want to grow our market share in a profitable way. For Germany specifically the first focus is to expand the dealer network and improve the coverage. Dealers are continuously growing and expansion of the dealer network is ongoing.

Would you say that Germany is becoming one of the key markets for Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe?

Yes, definitely. Germany represents for us a primary market, next to the UK, France and Italy. Germany is an enormous, but challenging market with large accounts, a strong emerging rental market and great product variety.

The new Hyundai Construction Equipment warehouse at the HCEE headquarters in Tassenderlo, Belgium

Which plans do you have for the rental market in the upcoming years?

Our strategy team is currently looking into the rental market business. Based upon market intelligence info it is clear that this business has great potential and this is currently an area where HCEE is not yet well represented.

Do you think that the Brexit will have a lasting impact on Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe?

Things will definitely change. To what extent is - for the moment - still unclear. Only the future will tell.

Source: LECTURA GmbH Verlag