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Galileo Wheel’s revolutionary CupWheel Tire is back and accelerating towards broader release across agriculture and construction

  • Over 100 years have passed since the invention of the pneumatic tire, without any major changes in the basic concept of an air-envelop.

  • Yes, improvements in materials and structures (Radial Vs Bias for instance) but nothing in an entirely different geometrical engineered structure that enhances performance characteristics, including improving soil compaction, farming efficiency and minimizing downtime.

  • Developed by Galileo Wheel Ltd., the CupWheel Tire Technology combines the advantages of both radial off-road tires and tracks and presents the next generation of tires - without compromising any of the features the other solutions bring.

The CupWheel Tire, developed by Galileo Wheel, made a big impact in the farming community when it was first unveiled in 2013. Now, following years of close and productive partnership with Mitas followed by Trelleborg, the CupWheel Tire is the subject of heated anticipation and discussion once again as Galileo Wheel expands its partnership network of forward-looking machinery manufacturers, farmers and construction operators.


The CupWheel Tire uniquely combines the advantages of both radial agricultural tires and tracks, delivering a brand-new design concept that maximises efficiency and reduces soil compaction while minimising downtime. “The CupWheel Tire is a new and transformational way of connecting your machine to the soil,” said Avishay Novoplanski, CupWheel inventor and Chief Technology Officer at Galileo Wheel. “For years we have been refining every aspect, every function, to create the apex of tire performance in agriculture and industry. This is a new dimension of traction efficiency and productivity, one that will boost results, cut costs, and offer greater user comfort. These are big claims, I’m aware. Galileo Wheel has worked intensively to ensure those big claims are matched by our technology.”

Key Features

  • Larger footprint with uniform load distribution

  • Better traction for enhanced efficiency and energy savings

  • Improved ride comfort and safety

  • Increased durability of tread and side walls

  • Enhanced lateral stability for improved steering and slope performance

Benefits to the user

  • Evenly distributes the machine’s weight on the ground.

  • A much bigger footprint exerts less ground pressure and therefore significantly reduces soil compaction for maximum yield.

  • Provides improved traction efficiency with lower slippage – leading to lower operational costs and greater fuel savings.

  • Ensures stable driving even with low inflation pressures, for ride comfort and safety.

  • Reduces downtime through run-flat capability with a promise to “finish your day” even with zero air pressure.!

In anticipation of their showing at SIMA 2019, Galileo Wheel have revealed their intentions for the CupWheel Tire’s future. “As a business, we prefer to focus our resources on ensuring our products meet the high standards that farmers and construction operators expect – as they should – of their everyday machinery,” said Rami Einav, Marketing & Sales Director at Galileo Wheel. “As we enter new partnerships, the product development is now progressing at an astonishing rate. For our customers, this will transform everyday operations. For manufacturers, this is a chance to collaborate on ground-breaking new developments that redefine what to expect from their equipment.”

“We worked successfully with Trelleborg for several years,” said Alon Hayka, Managing Director at Galileo Wheel. “But now we have the opportunity to present this technology to a broader audience and for new applications. For example, we will soon be releasing the CupWheel tire for the irrigation and skid-steer markets, with field trials already demonstrating significant benefits. Additional new applications for the mass Agro market will be presented during SIMA.

Working with partners that share our drive has enabled us to expand and develop innovative equipment that answers the real-world needs of farmers and construction operators. The CupWheel Tire has been designed with the user in mind, helping farms and operators to yield the results they deserve from their hard work.”

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’ve just invented the CupWheel.”

Source: Galileo Wheel; RDP