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Generationsskifte Invest A/S invests in TCA Lift A/S, Denmark

With the prospect of more and more spectacular buildings throughout the world, not least new airports, in China and the rest of Asia, Generationsskifte Invest A/S, a Danish based private equity firm, has acquired 65% of the shares of TCA Lift A/S. TCA LIFT A/S, the Denmark based company has its origin from E. Falck Schmidt A/S and has continued the development, and sales of spider lifts, named Falcon Spider. The Falcon Spider is known as a very compact and flexible aerial work platform used both indoor and outdoor with in the range from 29 meters up to 52 meters working height. Among the customers we find Copenhagen Opera, German Bundestag in Berlin, Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, and Dubai Airports.


The current owners and directors of TCA Lift A/S, Finn Schlitterlau and Thyge Mikkelsen, continue to manage the company and retain 35% of the share capital.

Concerning the sale to Generationsskifte Invest A/S, CEO of TCA LIFT A/S Finn Schlitterlau says:

"We have been looking for a partner who has capital and who has helped developing companies, by creating a renewed focus on increasing growth. Although TCA LIFT has grown almost 100% since we took over the company in 2011, we also believe that the market is significantly larger. In addition to strengthen our sales efforts, we will continue to invest in new lift developments that can solve our customer’s needs.
It's very simple, the lower weight and the more compact the aerial lift is, the more flexible the lift is. And these are the key performance aspects of the Falcon Spider.

Thyge Mikkelsen CFO of TCA LIFT A/S says: “the Falcon Spider lift, which was originally invented by the original owner in the late 1970s, was the first of its kind with so-called spider legs. With continued focus on innovation, compliance with all international standards, an international sourcing strategy, with subsequent assembly and safety approval at the factory in Odense/ Denmark, we will continue to deliver Falcon Spider aerial lifts in the quality best end of the market."


Jens Heimburger from Generationsskifte Invest A / S says: "the combination of increased urbanization and more spectacular architecture places great demands on maintenance. With a unique program of lifts up to 52 meters working height, TCA Lift has a strong position in the market. We have conducted customer interviews in 8 countries, and have been confirmed that functionality and quality are the characteristics of the company. It has also been crucial that Finn and Thyge continue both as leaders and co-owners." The investment company Generationsskifte Invest A / S is operated by Dansk Generationsskifte A/S which since 2005 has implemented generational switches in small and medium-sized Danish companies. In connection with the transaction, Jens Heimburger, Enrico Krog Iversen, and Robert Spliid enter into the board of TCA Lift A/S. 

Source: TCA Lift A/S


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