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GHS VSD+ range of screw vacuum pumps extended to 1900 m³/h

Atlas Copco’s GHS 350-900 VSD+, introduced in April 2015, offers an all-in-one vacuum pump with efficient variable speed drive (VSD) technology, easy to install plug-and-play design and display and connectivity features that provide controllability. Now the GHS 1300–1900 VSD+ vacuum pump is available, offering a range of 1300–1900 m3/h with an ultimate pressure of 0.35 mbar(a) and with VSD providing the ability to keep up with fluctuating production demands for vacuum.


The GHS 1300–1900 VSD+ is a plug-and-play vacuum pump with a footprint of less than 2.3 m3, enabling easy installation without taking up valuable floor space at the production facility. 

The VSD offers average energy savings of up to 50% compared to alternative technologies, and features market leading noise levels. The GHS VSD+ comes delivered with the SMARTLINK connectivity option for maximum uptime, while a clear and detailed color display puts the control in the user’s hands. The vacuum pump also has Atlas Copco’s Elektronikon® for state-of-the-art monitoring, enabling full control that leads to energy savings. Elektronikon® can integrate easily to plant management systems thanks to a remote monitoring option. 

Optional water cooled versions are available (integrated energy recovery system) which could recover up to 100% of the used energy as hot water (90 °C) which customers can use in their process and save additional money and energy sources such as natural gas and heating oil. 

Its market-leading oil retention means that the quality of the exhausted air is optimal, which contributes to employee well-being (as this air is often breathed). It also avoids oil spills on the factory floor, which commonly occurs with conventional oil-lubricated pumps. The result is a significantly cleaner working environment.  

Due to its plug & play design the GHS VSD+ Series assures an easy and fast installation which saves time and space. Everything required is delivered as a complete package. 

Boost your production

The GHS 1300–1900 VSD+ variable speed drive vacuum pump is available as a Turbo version if fast evacuation times are needed. It enables faster cycle times – meaning more production. It is ideal for meat, cheese and chicken packaging, as well as cooling. Turbo version for fast cycling machines are available for most sizes of the GHS VSD+ range and come with upgraded motors and control system.

Wet vacuum applications

For wet applications such as plastics, clay molding, drying pipelines customers could choose the GHS VSD+ as a Humid version, which is suitable for high water content duties (up to 100%). 

Atlas Copco’s GHS 1300–1900 VSD+ variable speed drive vacuum pump is suitable for Centralized Vacuum systems, Glass bottle manufacture, canning, as well as many other applications. A self-assessment can be performed with the Utility Vacuum App available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Source: Atlas Copco