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GIC 2024 Highlights Optimism, Innovation, and Investment in Italian Concrete Sector

The event attracted around 6,000 visitors
GIC Europe
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The event attracted around 6,000 visitors


GIC 2024, Europe’s premier concrete industry event, broke records, unveiled diverse innovation, and demonstrated unwavering optimism and commitment towards sustainability, driving the sector towards a vibrant and resilient future.


Record-breaking visitor and exhibitor numbers at GIC 2024

GIC 2024, Europe’s largest exhibition and conference exclusively for the concrete industry, buzzed with record-breaking participation at Piacenza Expo in Italy, 18-20th April.

The event hosted 263 exhibitors, up from 234 at the previous edition in 2022, while visitor attendance soared. Over 6,000 visitors from Italy and abroad descended on the halls of Piacenza Expo for GIC 2024, compared to around 5,000 in 2022.

“The growth in visitor numbers is certainly exciting, but what truly matters is the quality of interactions at the event – and we put considerable effort into ensuring that the right people attend to help exhibitors expand their businesses,” explained Fabio Potestà, director of Mediapoint & Exhibitions, the company behind GIC.

"Many of our exhibitors are highly selective about the events they participate in and find that GIC's laser focus on the concrete industry makes it easier to raise awareness and make valuable connections compared to more general construction exhibitions," he continued.

In fact, a survey conducted at GIC revealed that 72% of exhibitors believe specialised exhibitions such as GIC foster higher quality interactions with visitors compared to general construction events.

Underlining its significance in the industry, GIC 2024 received the support of more than 60 trade associations from across Europe. Alberto Truzzi, president of ASSOBETON (the Italian national trade association of manufacturers of concrete products, components, and structures), said: “GIC is an important and reference event, where concrete producers, machinery producers, users, customers, and designers can meet up. We are happy to be part of this entourage and to have excellent relations with GIC, which is an opportunity to do business and create culture.”

Optimism in the European and Italian concrete markets

Despite slow growth in the European construction sector, there was a positive mood at GIC 2024. 90% of exhibitors surveyed expressed optimism regarding the future growth of the European concrete market over the next five years, driven in part by the pressing need to renovate aging concrete infrastructure and the financial support offered via the NextGenerationEU initiative.

Demonstrating support from the Italian government, GIC 2024 received an official visit from Elena Murelli, member of the Italian security commission and senator for the Emilia-Romagna region, where Piacenza is located.

"There have been many accidents in Italy [in recent years] concerning bridges, roads, and railways, and so the development of new technology and maintenance of infrastructure is very important,” Murelli commented during her tour of the exhibition. “We are investing a lot in Italy with our new minister [for transport and infrastructure] Matteo Salvini and have a lot of money from the NRRP [National Recovery and Resilience Plan] we are using to build new infrastructure and guarantee the maintenance of existing infrastructure – and drive innovation across all aspects.”

45% of GIC exhibitors surveyed said NRRP investments are already boosting demand for their offerings. While 20% acknowledged they have yet to see the full impact, they remain hopeful about the opportunities the NRRP may bring.

Determination to reduce concrete’s environmental impact

Alongside infrastructure renewal, GIC exhibitors cited sustainability as the other main opportunity for growth in the European concrete industry. Companies offering solutions for reducing emissions and recycling materials reported a surge in adoption, reflecting an increasing understanding of the environmental impact of the concrete industry and a strengthening resolve to improve it.

A significant majority (57%) of exhibitors said that sustainability is now their customers’ top concern. Looking ahead, an even larger portion (86%) believe that sustainability will be even more crucial for winning new business in the coming years.

Nevertheless, there is still some scepticism about the achievability of environmental targets and several exhibitors stressed that sustainability needs to be delivered as part of a package of benefits, including greater longevity, and lower cost.

CAMS debuted a new electric screed preparation truck, boasting a more compact design, enhanced efficiency, and zero on-site emissions thanks to its electric engine.

Masterscreed launched the MS 60 laser-guided screeding machine, featuring smooth movement with a 6 m extension, 4 m width, and 360° rotation. This new product is ideal for laying large-scale concrete floors such as in warehouses or data centres.

PET unveiled a new line of INNOXAT battery-powered equipment, including a trowel (model 5015-000) and a smoothing machine (model 5010-00). Previously reliant on cables or petrol, these tools now offer greater convenience, sustainability, and comfort for workers tasked with finishing large concrete slabs.

Progress Group introduced staircase moulds equipped with full electric movement capabilities. While in Italy staircases are traditionally cast in situ, Progress Group advocates for precast methods to enhance quality and aesthetics.

Gefran, a supplier of automation and control components, launched two new sensors tailored for use on mobile hydraulic equipment such as excavators, telehandlers, or pavers. The GSH-sensor with draw wire, used for arm measurements, now boasts an extended reach of up to 12.6 m, while the KMC pressure sensor sets a new standard for compactness, meeting the demand for smaller electronics among OEMs.

Elettro Sigma unveiled the Q-SIGMA web portal, powered by maestro, which is designed to aggregate data from embedded sensors on machinery and plants. This platform aims to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and curb CO2 emissions in line with Industry 5.0 principles.

Brokk showcased its latest innovation, the Brokk 170 demolition robot, making its debut in Italy. This updated model features a new remote control, enhanced electronics, and improved software, promising increased efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness, thus reducing the learning curve for new operators.

Roald presented the new Reprotex Ela 200 water recycler, which cleans water and enables it to be reused during demolition operations. This limits the consumption of water, protecting this important resource, as well as reducing water transport to the jobsite.

Electric scaffolding manufacturer Gamaplac presented the Golden Bridge mast climber, featuring a voltage reduction from 330V to 220V, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

The innovations outlined above represent just a snapshot of the new technologies, products, and services on show at GIC 2024.

Major milestones celebrated at GIC 2024

GIC also witnessed the celebration of significant exhibitor milestones. CIFA commemorated the 50th anniversary of its Magnum mixer-pump, a pioneering concept introduced in 1974. The company marked the occasion with festivities at its stand, attended by customers, suppliers, and business partners. Company leaders delivered speeches, drawing considerable attention.

In another corner of the exhibition, centrifugal systems specialist Gennaretti celebrated 40 years in business.

In closing, GIC 2024 marked a monumental success, drawing unprecedented numbers of exhibitors and visitors, solidifying its position as Europe's premier concrete industry event. With a surge in participation and an array of product launches, the event showcased the industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The overwhelming optimism expressed by exhibitors towards the future growth of the European concrete market, buoyed by governmental support and investment initiatives, underscores the sector's resilience and potential for development. As the industry continues to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities, the determination to reduce environmental impact while driving efficiency and innovation remains steadfast, reflecting a collective vision for a sustainable and thriving future.

The next edition of GIC will take place 16-18th April 2026, once more at Piacenza Expo in Italy. Find out more at

Source: GIC