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GRI delivers the promise of Assured Performance with installation of the first Tire Endurance Tester in Sri Lanka

GRI has taken full advantage of modern technological trends in its new factory with new machines - that are globally recognized to be the best and bring about an increased degree of precision, less operator dependency and increased automation. GRI is the first industrial tire manufacturer to deploy a state of the art Tire Endurance Tester in Sri Lanka.


This modern piece of equipment evaluates all tires produced, with respect to their strength profile in connection with the expected level of performance. The endurance tester is specialized in testing tires under heavy load conditions to evaluate the stability for driving and compliance with mandatory international regulations, hence delivering the promise of assured performance to the customer. The machine provides increased operational speed on the factory floor and a high level of uniformity, allowing GRI to meet customer demand without an interruption in delivery schedules.

GRIs Tire Endurance Tester is 3 meters in diameter and is specialized a wide range of agriculture tires. This Tire Endurance Tester has the capacity to assess all Agriculture and OTR tires of over 20 inches, both at the time of industrialization and for routine checks.

In addition to this, GRIs testing department will soon be equipped with a Plunger Tester, which will assess the strength of the tire carcass.

Looking to the future, GRI will embark on more ambitious and exponential innovation programs, with the goal of advancement and continuous improvement at its forefront. “In an ever changing, complex and uncertain world, we rise to the challenge of providing the best tires possible.” Stated Prabhash Subasinghe Managing Director GRI.

Source: GRI