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GRI signals step-up in technological innovation with installation of the first Marangoni Machine in Sri Lanka

first Marangoni Machine in Sri Lanka
GRI Asia
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first Marangoni Machine in Sri Lanka

GRI has taken full advantage of new technological trends in its factories; new machines - that are globally recognized to be the best, have been procured to bring about an increased degree of precision, less operator dependency and increased automation resulting in enhanced consistency in quality, shorter cycle times, increased efficiency, reduced waste and increased safety. These machines are ideal for prompt changeover in sizes, to meet customer demand without an interruption in delivery schedule. GRI can ensure that specialty tires produced from these leading edge and modernistic manufacturing units, will be of consistently high quality and performance. GRI is the first industrial tire manufacturer in Sri Lanka to employ the benefits of the latest model of Marangoni Alpha Agrifast Italy, a compact, user friendly and advanced extruder server that is interfaced to tire building bay drums for producing components such as tread base, tread cap, sidewalls all with joint less, in real time with the highest degree of accuracy and at high speed. This machine is to be utilized at GRI’s latest state-of-the-art factory in Sri Lanka, set to commence production in January 2018. This brand-new factory will be the largest in Sri Lanka dedicated to produce specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires.


Since the 1960’s the Marangoni Group, through Marangoni Meccanica, has been a global leader in the manufacture of machinery for the production of tires. At the forefront of the Tire machinery industry MARANGONI TYRE MACHINERY sets, worldwide, the modern standards of sophisticated and customized tire assembly systems, especially for large and very large radial tires, making them more and more involved in sophisticated radial tire assembly systems for major tire manufacturers in years to come.

GRI has established its trademark in pioneering initiatives, sound innovation and high-performance specialty tires that perform brilliantly in the most severe operating environments. All tire categories undergo extreme in-house testing such as endurance, breaking energy, bursting test etc. in line international standards. Its production machines signal a step-up in technological innovation, while its sustainable development focus is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, and evidenced by means of solar panels, biomass boilers and recyclable waste management systems. 

Source: GRI Tires