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GRI uplifts education standards of village school in Sri Lanka

There are village schools in Sri Lanka that lack the facilities that most would consider to be basic. The Nalawalana Kanishta School in Makandura, with over 370 students lacked have the means to effectively teach computer education.


GRI believes that education, learning and discovering is a crucial part of this society in every aspect; GRI is focused on how best we can support and improve learning, and so we decided to contribute to uplift education amongst children. GRI finds high value in such CSR projects.

GRI donated 10 complete computer units with power backups, on the 20th July and spearheaded the refurbishment of the school’s computer laboratory. The Chief Guest of this special event was Mr. Kavinda Subasinghe. GRI, being an innovative specialty tire producer, took on the challenge and aided in addressing this learning gap by launching initiatives to support its advocacy by providing access to quality computer education, to the children of Nalawalana Kanishta School.

“GRI has always been an advocate of providing for our future generation. As a technology-based company, we understand the importance of evolving with modern day trends and are pleased to support the development of our nation.” said Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe Managing Director GRI.

“We are enthusiastic to help our local communities, and as we continue to expand our global operations, we hope to touch more lives and more people. Now that we’ve opened our new Specialty Tire factory in Badalgama, Sri Lanka, we wanted to do something for the community of our home country, thus, leading us into meeting the bright and creative minds of Nalawalana Kanishta School,” added Shanaka Gunarathne, Senior General Manager GRI.

The advent of modern technology has paved the way for the continuous growth of businesses across different industries such as manufacturing, information technology and engineering. As such, there has been an ever-growing demand from youth to possess a high degree of proficiency in computer education.

GRI wanted the computer laboratory to be more conducive to classroom discussions with hands-on training. We hope that the students would find more inspiration when they see the changes in their classroom environment.

Source: GRI