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Haulotte’s Star range meets all needs

Mainly intended for maintenance works and indoor finishings, Haulotte vertical masts are also suited for events, logistics, and distribution. With their compact dimensions and straight elevation, the mast booms can climb directly to a working height of 6 to 10 meters in hard-to-reach places.

Optimal agility and high productivity


With a forward speed of 4,5 km/h, the Star masts move quickly and ensure optimal productivity. With smooth elevating and driving functions thanks to its AC motors, the Star range lets operators work comfortably even in the most hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to the narrow turning radius, operators can maneuver in the most restricted spaces. With gradeability up to 25%, STAR climbs smoothly up most truck ramps. Star hoods are highly shock resistant. the chassis incorporates forklift tine pockets. The non-skid step allows a safe entry in the platform, which remains stable while raising and lowering the mast. Finally, non-marking white tires respect all types of soil.

Easy maintenance

The Star vertical masts have no cables or chains, guaranteeing minimum maintenance. Control points are directly accessible, saving precious time. Renowned for their reliability and robustness, asynchronous motors require no regular maintenance since there are no carbon brushes to be replaced. The Haulotte Activ’Screen onboard diagnostic tool provides operators and technicians with key information. Operators or technicians thus remain perfectly autonomous and have full control over the machine.

Star 6 / Star 8S: the ideal solution to carry out daily tasks aloft

The vertical masts Star 6 and Star 8S allow operators to maneuver and work efficiently and quickly. Combining high torque with precise and smooth control, AC motors provide unmatched precision and comfort to get to hard-to-reach areas. Thus, operators work with confidence and efficiency. Both machines are available with a basket extension allowing additional space and a further reach of 40 cm.

Star 6 PICKING: the essential machine for distribution and logistics

Designed for indoor applications, the Star 6 PICKING mast can safely lift up to 80 kg of goods at once. The motorized picking tray can be elevated to allow operators to lift packages with no strain. It also features removable side panels and a front-end guardrail to protect goods. Thanks to its dual side doors, the Star 6 picking can be parked on either side of the shelf. The Lambo doors do not take up space on the platform, offering operators complete freedom of motion.

Star 8 / Star 10: fully benefit from their 3-meter horizontal outreach

The 3-meter outreach vertical jib enables to access the most difficult-to-reach places. Control and maneuvering while elevated is intuitive and precise. The Star 8 and Star 10 machines can work in any area where the chassis fits as there is no tail swing. Versatile, they are designed for indoor or outdoor use on hard surfaces.

The Star range is composed of multipurpose machines that suit many types of application. It provides optimal agility to work efficiently and safely while elevated.


Source: Haulotte Group