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HD+ tandem rollers from Hamm: New models, powerful features

The globally popular and powerful “tandem rollers with a plus” series has been growing: at Conexpo 2014, Hamm is displaying for the first time in the US new models of the articulated HD+ rollers with operating weights of 7 t ( 14,000 lbs.) and 8 t (16,000 lbs.). These newly developed models stand out for their exceptionally spacious platform, efficient diesel engines complying with Tier 4f, a wide range of roller drums and numerous operating advantages. Moreover, there are innovations on the big rollers in the series, as these machines are launched with new exhaust gas technology.


Hamm has again expanded the range of HD+ series rollers by nine machine types with service weights of 7 t (14,000 lbs) and 8 t (16,000 lbs). The new HD+ 70i (7 t / 15,000 lbs.), roller drum width (1.50 m / 5 ft) and HD+ 80i (8 t/ 16,000 lbs.), roller drum width (1.68 m / 5.5 ft) are available as vibratory, oscillatory, combi and high frequency rollers. The HD+ 80i will also be offered with a split drum.

Clean and efficient Tier 4 engine technology

Equipped with state-of-the-art engine technology, the HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i rollers comply with the very stringent Tier 4f exhaust gas regulations in force since 2014. The Deutz 55.4 kW 4-cylinder diesel engine is fitted with a diesel oxidation catalyser (DOC) to reduce particulate emissions. The cooling system also meets the most up-to-date demands: two separately controlled fans ensure optimum cooling of charge air, hydraulic oil and engine coolant. At the same time, the load-dependent fan control for engine cooling saves fuel and reduces noise emissions.

The larger rollers HD+ 90i and HD+ 110i (85 kW) as well as HD+ 120i and HD+ 140i (115 kW) are available with new Tier 4i-compliant engines now.

All these rollers come with the Hammtronic machine management system as standard. This means optimised performance, minimised fuel consumption, engine operation in the optimum load range at all times and high-quality, consistent compaction through control of the traction and parameters such as speed and frequency.

Maximum comfort

The HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i rollers offer a spacious XXL platform resp. cab with a laterally adjustable seat. The powerful heater (option) can also be complemented with air conditioning if desired, a pleasant working environment in all weathers is assured.

Drivers have an excellent view of the roller drum and water sprinkler. As there are no intruding pillars, they also overview the surrounding area. Meanwhile the operating console and display remains in the field of view at all times, being attached to the seat.

Despite the comfortable interior headroom, the overall height of the new HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i models is 5 cm / 2 in less than their forerunners. This facilitates transport and working in areas with limited overhead clearance. Hamm can also supply the new HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i models with ROPS roof or sun shield roof.

Top-class handling and high compaction power

The excellent handling and compaction qualities of the new tandem rollers are based on the ideal weight distribution, so they quickly produce perfectly even surfaces. Moreover, a stepless frequency adjustment is provided. When reversing, the automatic transmission provides gentle acceleration and braking, playing its part in ensuring even asphalt layers without bulges or hollows.

In addition, the crab steering mode offset has been increased by 40% compared to the previous HD 75 model. This results in plenty of clearance for clean edge pressing.

Productivity comes as standard

With a large water and diesel tank, both new models are equipped for long working days: the capacities enable working a full shift without refilling. Maximum availability is provided by a water sprinkler system with a second water pump. The water quantity can be fine-tuned by the push of a button and an indicator shows constantly the residual volume of water in the tank.

New: telematics and rear-view cameras

The HD+ series now features a telematics interface which can be used to transmit data for use in fleet management systems. It can also be used for remote monitoring or for theft protection. The VEDA option for the HCQ measurement and documentation system enables the export of data in conformity with the US analysis software “Veda” for comprehensive compaction control in asphalt construction.

Optional rear view cameras ensure even more safety in future. A 5.6” display allows the driver to check for the presence of people or obstructions in the area immediately behind the roller at any time.

Award-winning design

Since its launch in 2010, the HD+ series has received multiple awards for its successful design and usability, amongst them the iF design award 2010 in gold, the red dot design award 2010, the American “Good Design Award” and the French “Observeur du design”. This makes it the most highly accoladed construction machine in the world.

Source: Wirtgen GmbH