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Hiab launches heavy drywall crane HIAB K-505 HiPro

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the specialised drywall crane HIAB K-505 HiPro for the US and Canadian markets. It is the longest and strongest drywall crane from HIAB to date with a reach of nine floors and a lifting capacity of almost 300,000 foot-pound force (ft⋅lbf). The connected crane is also packed with technologically advanced features to enhance operator safety and productivity.


The newly launched HIAB K-505 HiPro is the heaviest of HIAB’s drywall cranes and greatly compliments HIAB’s other drywall cranes K-HiPro 285 and K-HiPro 425 with a reach of four and six stories respectively. 

All HIAB drywall cranes are equipped with the industry-leading HIAB HiPro remote control, which gives operators more flexibility of finding the best working space and field of vision. HiPro brings features such as LSS (Load Stability System for vertical movements), VSLplus (Variable Stability Logic Plus) and ASC (Automatic Speed Control) that improve operator safety and productivity. All drywall cranes are connected and prepared for the future, as connectivity enables Hiab’s Connected Services such as HiConnect.

“HIAB K-505 HiPro allows our customers to be more productive than ever as it can install drywalls rapidly in buildings up to nine stories high. The technological advanced features and remote control let even less experienced operators get a smooth and precise response from their cranes. As it’s connected, fleet owners have the option of receiving performance data to optimise their vehicle fleet and service alerts based on actual usage,” says Marcel Boxem, Director Heavy Range, Hiab.

HIAB K-505 HiPro is available to order now.


Source: Hiab