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Hiab launches HIAB iX.162 HiPro loader crane at IAA

HIAB iX.162 HiPro
HIAB (Cargotec) Europe
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HIAB iX.162 HiPro

IMAGE SOURCE: Cargotec Corporation; Hiab

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the new medium range loader crane HIAB iX.162 HiPro which is lighter and stronger, at the IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hannover, Germany. Visitors can see the new crane that is equipped with the new control system SPACEevo at Hiab’s Pavilion P35 from 20 to 25 September. 


HIAB iX.162 HiPro is up to 370 kg lighter, depending on configurations, than its predecessor HIAB X-HiPro 162, while the maximum lifting capacity has been increased by more than 10%. Pipes and hoses have been integrated into the crane body to make it less vulnerable to the elements and wear during transport and use, maximising uptime and productivity.  

“The new HIAB iX-162 HiPro takes load handling to new heights. These are the next generation loader cranes — lighter and stronger than their predecessors. This allows the truck to increase its payload and lower its fuel consumption when the vehicle is not fully loaded,” says Leif Törnblom, Product Manager Medium Range, Loader Cranes, Light & Medium, Hiab.

The HIAB iX-series is equipped with the new control system SPACEevo which offers smart functionalities to boost productivity with smooth and rapid crane movements for more lifting operations per day. Crane operation safety is enhanced by the state-of-the-art SPACEevo sensor safety system paired with new smart technology, which works together to prevent accidents. SpaceEvo supports many new stabiliser leg configurations, options and accessories. It is based on an open platform, so upgrades and new features can be added over time. 

A HIAB iX-162 HiPro version with an integrated ePTO (electric power take off) will be made available for order in early 2023. As the first-ever loader crane, it will have an integrated ePTO on the base, with the battery pack and electric power unit placed directly on the crane base itself. This will make the installation process faster and leave more room on the truck chassis for other equipment.

“As the first-ever loader crane in our industry with an integrated ePTO on the base, it’s easy to install, light and adaptive to our customers' needs. As a matter of fact, the HIAB iX.162 HiPro BSS-2 with an integrated ePTO and hydraulic tank, all in one unit, weighs the same as its conventional diesel-powered predecessor. No additional weight is added when you go electric with Hiab — this makes it a real sustainable option,” says Mattias Berglund, Director, Global Product Management, Special Applications and Digital Products, Loader Cranes, Light & Medium, Hiab.


Source: Cargotec Corporation; Hiab