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Hiab launches the new LOGLIFT 125Z forestry crane and new-generation Hi-Cab(TM) cabin

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the highest lifting capacity in class, the new LOGLIFT 125Z forestry crane. Together with the launch of the new forestry crane, Hiab is also releasing the new-generation Hi-Cab(TM) cabin, improved in 125 dimensions to help improve performance.


The LOGLIFT 125Z incorporates a new SmartBase(TM) for smooth handling, stability and low weight, as well as a Hose Protection Link (HPL) to guard against blows and sticking. "The new crane base is a combination of widely appreciated, traditional LOGLIFT solutions and improved new design. The crane is not only designed to be durable, but easy to service and maintain without jeopardising the compactness of the crane. In addition, many improvements were driven through feedback received from the customers, so we have been able to enhance the crane comprehensively," says Toni Kymäläinen, Mechanical Design Engineer of Forestry Cranes in Hiab.

"For owners and operators, moving more timber means more profitable business. Therefore, we focused on developing a crane with high lift/weight ratio for higher payload, as well as other performance enhancers," explains Jon Lopez, Vice President, Forestry Cranes Business Line. 

The Hi-Cab(TM) cabin has the industry's highest visibility factor: the unique Hi-Vis(TM) panoramic windows offer five times more window than wall surface. This is part of an overall increase in safety and performance for the cabin, which also includes an OPS-approved shockproof front door, protected under-cabin AC, and ergonomic enhancements throughout the cabin. 

Hiab's state-of-the-art factory in Stargard, Poland is also where the LOGLIFT 125Z goes through the innovative nDurance(TM) nanotechnology paint process for all-weather protection. The technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process covers every square millimeter in three different protective layers for highest corrosion resistance.

"With nDurance(TM) and all of the innovations in this new crane and cabin, we focus on providing our customers the durability they expect from LOGLIFT forestry cranes," affirms Lopez.

Source: Hiab