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Hiab launches WALTCO MDV liftgate series for hassle-free dock loading and distribution

WALTCO HERO at Golden Gate
HIAB (Cargotec) Europe
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WALTCO HERO at Golden Gate


  • Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the WALTCO MDV liftgate series for efficient dock loading and distribution.

  • The MDV liftgates offer lifting capacities of 3,000 or 4,000 lbs. and feature a low weight to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.

  • Designed with fewer moving parts, the MDV liftgates require less maintenance and use corrosion-resistant materials like galvanised steel and aluminium.

  • Safety features include LED lights, anti-slip platforms, cart stops or retention ramps, and intuitive push-button controls for easy operation.

  • The MDV liftgates are tailored for industries such as rental/leasing, home delivery, food/beverage, and laundry, and can be easily installed on truck or trailer rear frames.

  • Available for order in the US and Canada, the MDV liftgates are assembled in Streetsboro, Ohio, ensuring short lead times.

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the WALTCO MDV liftgate series for speedy, hassle-free dock loading and distribution. The new liftgate series offers several sustainability advantages and safety features combined with intuitive controls for easy operations.

Long lasting liftgate with lower energy consumption


The MDV liftgates are available in 3,000 or 4,000 lbs. lifting capacities and several platform sizes. All models in the series have a low weight, reducing the carbon emission footprint of the product and the vehicle energy consumption. 

Designed with fewer moving parts for reduced maintenance requirements, such as the dual cylinder hydraulic system without chains and sprockets. The high quality construction uses standard galvanised steel columns and an aluminium platform to prevent corrosion for long lasting lift gates. 

“The WALTCO MDV liftgate series offers the perfect balance between lifting capacity and low weight. It is easy and quick to operate safely, especially where a loading dock is present. The lower weight reduces carbon emissions for the product and reduces the energy consumption of the long lasting liftgate, making it a more sustainable choice for our customers,” says Fin Moore, Product Manager, Tail Lifts, Hiab.


Safety and operational efficiency

The MDV features multiple industry-leading safety and efficiency features. LED lights are mounted on the column that illuminate the work area of the platform to increase visibility for the user and any bypassers. There is a robust anti-slip knurled aluminium platform to prevent falls, and either cart stops or a retention ramp to keep loads secure.

The liftgate platform can easily be opened and closed with the push of two buttons, saving time and reducing the risks of injury. The platform itself is folded and can be lowered at the dock, with an intuitive push-button control switch for quick and easy handling. There are also extra heavy-duty dock bumpers to protect the liftgate. 

All safety and efficiency features are tailored to meet the challenges of customers working with dock loading and distribution. In particular, this is in demand from customers in the rental/leasing, home delivery, food/beverage, and laundry segments.

MDV liftgates can easily be bolted onto the rear frame of a truck or trailer rear frame. It is installed using monobolt rivets, a simple plug-and-play hydraulic system, and an electrical wire harness to reduce hours' worth of installation time.

US and Canadian customers can order MDV liftgates from WALTCO or distributors now, with short lead times as they are assembled in Streetsboro, Ohio.

Source: Cargotec Corporation, Hiab