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High-Performance Hose Assemblies for the Construction Industry

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2014. ContiTech Fluid Technology develops and manufactures high-performance hose assemblies for the construction industry – from exhaust gas scrubbing to fuel supply and on to air-conditioning solutions. The technology company is committed to producing solutions which both deliver high performance and are also environment-friendly. These complex technologies are manufactured for the American market locally in a number of plants in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. The Industrial Hoses segment also supplies the sector with robust hoses for pumping concrete and for material handling and mining operations.


SCR lines with heated quick connectors

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology converts the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into water vapor and nitrogen with the aid of a urea solution (AdBlue). ContiTech has achieved a pioneering role in the introduction of this forward-looking technology with its heated EPDM-based hose assembly module which was specially developed for the SCR process. The second generation has, among other things, heated quick connectors with optimized contacts which guarantee complete defrosting of the medium including in the connector area. ContiTech has developed heated hose assemblies made of plastics especially for SCR systems with retractive suction. ContiTech Fluid Technology also develops hoses and hose assemblies for transporting air in diesel particulate filter systems. These form the interface between the diesel particulate filter and the control unit.

Extremely heavy-duty fuel lines

ContiTech Fluid Technology has developed extremely heavy-duty engine-mounted fuel lines specifically for modern high-performance engines. These new engines have enabled fuel consumption and emissions to be significantly reduced at the same time. The components’ design means that they will continue to be unreservedly usable in the future, even in conjunction with future measures to cut emissions. The new lines are pressure-resistant to 35 bar and withstand operating temperatures up to 180°C. This has been achieved thanks to a new, extremely temperature-resistant rubber compound and special mesh which can cope with the high operating pressures. The stainless steel braid which is also available means that further improvements in heat dissipation are possible, too.

“Thanks to our extensive materials and process-related expertise we are a development partner and OEM for customized complete solutions for fuels comprising hoses, pipes, fittings and quick connectors which carry media such as gasoline, diesel, hydrogen and liquid gas to supply fuel to the engine,” emphasizes Achim Liecker, Sales Manager Industrial Vehicles. We use both elastomers and plastics for these, combined with materials such as textile, steel and aluminum. Thus, preformed polyamide oil and fuel lines, for example, are a lightweight and inexpensive solution where flexibility and media resistance are the key requirements. In addition, ContiTech offers flame-resistant fuel hoses which are approved for railway applications.

Optimal air-conditioning systems

The ECO AC refrigerant circulation system from ContiTech Fluid Technology enables air-conditioning systems in commercial vehicles to be significantly improved. This extends from improving the performance of the air-conditioning system to cutting consumption as a result of lower pressure losses and on to design improvements. The use of the internal heat exchanger (IHE) developed by ContiTech in itself promises some five percent greater efficiency. In addition to this solution integrated in the line, ContiTech has also developed a compact, inexpensive alternative to the IHE in the form of the Conti Eco Compact XR.

ContiTech Fluid Technology has brought together its product lines for carrying all media flows in construction machinery, other industrial applications and commercial vehicles into one effective Commercial & Industrial Vehicles (CIV) segment. As a result, customers can purchase all the components worldwide from a single source.

Large-diameter hoses in almost any length

ContiTech’s concrete-pumping hoses are very tough. Thanks to their weather-resistant and very robust outer lining, their multi-ply strength member made of extremely high-tensile, break-proof steel wire and the smooth, highly abrasion-resistant inner lining they are ideally suited to use with pumps for concrete and other high-viscosity materials. As a result of the range of flange systems available, they offer users the greatest-possible flexibility with uniformly high quality.

In mining and tunneling operations as well as in structural and civil engineering applications, ContiTech’s large-diameter hoses ensure that process water, oil, concrete and bulk goods can also be reliably carried under pressure. The hoses are manufactured to customer specifications with internal diameters of up to 2,000 mm. Thanks to a special production process, ContiTech is also able to manufacture large hoses which are capable of operating at a pressure of 40 bar with internal diameters ranging from 50 to 200 mm and in almost unlimited lengths. Heavy connectors, which can impair the handling of the hoses in operation, are therefore no longer required. As the largest hose manufacturer in Europe, ContiTech manufactures the hoses on state-of-the-art, electronically controlled large hose lines. An overarching quality assurance system to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 accompanies every stage of the manufacturing process.

Source: ContiTech AG; Conveyor Belt Group