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Hitachi showcases the ZX135US-5 excavator

The Hitachi ZX135US-5 medium excavator is more compact than conventional models and its short-tail swing radius makes it suitable for working on a wide range of job sites, particularly where space is limited. These include earthmoving and construction projects, particularly in urban areas, as well as road construction, forestry and demolition applications.


The ZX135US-5 has been developed by Hitachi using feedback from owners and operators of its construction machinery around Europe. It incorporates a variety of features to meet the needs of customers in terms of sustainability, productivity, versatility, comfort and safety, and easy maintenance.

Like all Zaxis-5 models, the ZX135US-5 is a high-quality, efficient machine capable of working in challenging conditions. It manoeuvres smoothly and precisely, and provides a safe and user-friendly working environment for operators. Thanks to a range of easy maintenance features, it delivers a high level of availability and helps to keep downtime to a minimum.

Hitachi is committed to minimising the impact of its construction machinery on the environment. The ZX135US-5 complies with the latest EU regulations on emission standards, which highlights its sustainability. The powerful Isuzu Stage IIIB-compliant engine, for example, delivers higher productivity with greater fuel efficiency. The auto shutdown and auto idle features prevent fuel wastage and reduce noise levels, exhaust emissions and CO2.

The ZX135US-5 delivers high levels of productivity on the job site due to the HIOS III hydraulic system, which allows for faster operation with lower fuel consumption than the previous Zaxis-3 model. The auto power boost function has also been increased by ten per cent for an enhanced excavating performance.

The versatility of the ZX135US-5 is highlighted by the attachment support system, which has 11 modes that can be registered on the monitor for ease of use with different attachments. The two auxiliary spools are useful for attachments requiring multiple and large volumes of oil flow.

With enhanced visibility, particularly down the right hand side of the Zaxis-5 model, the operator can work in comfort and safety on the busiest construction sites. The repositioning of the monitor and door has enhanced the view and also made access to and from the cab much easier. The rear-view camera offers a closer view of the counterweight to minimise the blind spot.

Like all Zaxis-5 machines, the ZX135US-5 has several features for easy maintenance to ensure high levels of availability. Using the technology within the multi-function LCD monitor, operators can check the machine’s status and settings at a glance. Fuel and engine oil filters can be replaced at ground level, and non-slip steps allow easy access to the upper structure of the machine for other maintenance work.

The ZX135US-5 was created by a team of 200 engineers at the Design Centre at Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) in Japan. Yusuke Kajita, General Manager of HCM's Construction Equipment Development Centre, says: “The environment was an important development issue in the design of the Zaxis-5 models. Therefore, we have complied with strict engine, noise and safety regulations with the Zaxis-5 range, in order to help secure a better environment for operators and society in general.”



Engine rated power 73.4kW

Operating weight 13,400-14,900kg

Maximum digging reach 8,390mm (at 2.52 arm length)

Maximum digging depth 5,490mm (at 2.52m arm length)

Bucket digging force 104kN 

Source: Red International Communication