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ZX210LC-6 super long front excavator

Hitachi unveils new ZX210LC-6 super long front excavator at Bauma

The new super long front (SLF) excavator from Hitachi is the optimum solution for maintaining rivers and lakes, as well as slope finishing and landscaping. As one of the smaller models in this range, it has a maximum digging reach of 15 metres. It offers exceptional stability and safety, smooth operation and a high level of durability.


The new special application model will be presented by Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV at Bauma. The ZX210LC-6 SLF has been developed by Hitachi to meet the needs of European customers. Incorporating unique Hitachi technology, it shares key components with the standard Zaxis-6 model. However, it is capable of reaching further and digging deeper – it can remove soil quickly and easily from depths of 11 metres, and load trucks efficiently so the material can be transported off site.

Safe and stable performance

The ZX210LC-6 SLF model has a heavier counterweight than the standard version to provide exceptional stability. The arm and boom are fitted with hose rupture valves, which will maintain the load in the cylinder in the unlikely event of a damaged hose.

The combined operation of the boom and arm is as smooth as possible, thanks to the configuration of control settings. This makes the Zaxis-6 SLF ideal for precise tasks, such as slope finishing.


To enhance the durability of the ZX210LC-6 SLF, it has been designed with a larger box-type cross section and thicker steel plates. Versatility has been addressed with the design of the front attachment, which enables easy transportation of the machine. It can be efficiently loaded for onward transportation from one site to another thanks to the minimal height and space required.

Toru Nabeshima, Manager of the Special Application department at Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV, says: “Like all of Hitachi’s special application models, the ZX210LC-6 super long front excavator has been designed and built in-house, and incorporates the same industry-leading technology as standard Hitachi excavators. It is exceptionally durable and stable, and does not compromise on user-friendly operation.”


  • Exceptional durability thanks to robust components

  • Excellent stability with heavier standard counterweight

  • Easy to transport

  • High-quality design elements and materials

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV