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Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loader – designed with customers in mind

The Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loader delivers a significant reduction in fuel consumption as well as excellent productivity, advanced technology, and a range of features for enhanced sustainability, comfort, safety and easy maintenance.


The largest ZW-5 model complies with EU Stage IIIB emission regulations, but does not compromise on productivity. The Isuzu 15.68-litre six-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine enables a powerful digging performance, impressive travel speeds and a reduction in fuel consumption of over 10%. It is easier to manoeuvre than the previous model thanks to the optional lever steering, which also results in higher levels of productivity. A clutch cut-off system controls the timing of the clutch for smooth operation when loading, regardless of the terrain.

A lower level of fuel consumption than the previous model has been achieved partially by the torque converter lock-up function. The lock-up is activated in second, third and fourth gears, and allows these wheel loaders to travel quickly and more efficiently. On flat terrain, fuel consumption is lowered by 12-14% and on a long slope, by 7-13%.

Two simple work modes provide an appropriate level of performance for a particular task. In Standard mode, the engine speed is controlled, which allows for smooth and efficient acceleration during loading, regular operations and travelling on level terrain. The P mode is useful when greater traction force is required for heavy-duty excavation and travelling quickly uphill.

When changing work modes, the ZW370-5 has a quick power switch, an example of its advanced technology, which boosts the power when required. The wheel loader also features a hydraulic circuit, which facilitates the combined operation of the bucket and lift arm for loading, and prioritises the use of the bucket for unloading.

The optional auto-engine shutdown function avoids fuel wastage while the wheel loader is long idling. In addition to lowering fuel costs for the customer, this also enhances the sustainability of the ZW370-5. The machine also has a muffler filter to capture air pollutants, which are automatically burnt thanks to an oxidation catalyst and exhaust temperature control.

The durability of the ZW370-5 is important for heavy-duty job applications and the wheel loader has been strengthened by a full box rear frame structure, double Z-bar front linkage and low mount lift arm cylinder.

Comfort was a key factor in the design of the ZW-5 wheel loader. The cab is more spacious than the previous model, because the heated air-suspension seat can slide further back, providing more legroom. The tilting telescopic pop-up steering column has also been repositioned to create additional space.

The air conditioning system regulates the temperature inside the cab, and an optional filter is available for dusty or industrial waste job sites. Sound insulation reduces noise levels from the local environment and improves the operator’s overall experience.

To enhance safety on the job site, the ZW370-5 offers greater visibility from the operator’s seat thanks to a pillar-less windshield and large sun visor. The counterweight is also now visible from both sides of the machine. A multifunction LCD monitor with 7-inch screen displays the rear-view monitor and provides a wide range of technical information at a glance. The shift-up delay to third gear makes the wheel loaders safer to operate in confined spaces, because they can perform excavating and unloading tasks more safely in first and second gear.

A variety of easy maintenance features have been incorporated into the design of the ZW370-5 to ensure maximum availability. For example, the redesigned engine and radiator cover can be opened fully, providing quick and convenient access for daily inspection, and the greasing points, oil levels and fuel filters are all easily accessible. Another useful feature for quick routine maintenance is the automatic reversible cooling fan, which allows for easy cleaning of the radiator with its one-minute automatic reverse rotation every 30 operating minutes.

Vasilis Drougkas, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV Product Specialist Wheel Loaders, says: “We believe that the ZW-5 wheel loaders not only meet our customers’ expectations of high quality and reliability, but also provide a safe working environment, a comfortable cab with easy-to-use controls, and overall, machines that respond quickly and precisely.”



Engine rated power 289kW

Operating weight 33,680-34,300kg

Bucket capacity 4.8-5.6m3

Breakout force* 243kN

Equipped with 5.6m³ general purpose bucket with bolt-on cutting edge.

Source: Red International Communication