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Based on the Genie® S®-85 XC™ boom lift, the Hybeko RS-85 XC is custom-designed for rock-scaling and drilling applications.
Genie (Terex Aerial Work Platforms) Europe
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Based on the Genie® S®-85 XC™ boom lift, the Hybeko RS-85 XC is custom-designed for rock-scaling and drilling applications.

Taking operator safety to a higher level while tripling productivity, earlier this year, Hybeko, Authorized Genie® Distributors in Norway marked a premiere with the introduction of the new Hybeko RS-85 XC™ boom lift — the first machine of its kind in Europe to have received CE approval by Rambøll* for rock scaling applications and took on the role as manufacturer for the whole machine.


Based on the 26 m (85 ft) working height Genie Xtra Capacity™ S ®-85 XC telescopic boom lift the Hybeko RS-85 XC rock-scaling boom was designed and developed by Hybeko in collaboration with Slovenian rock-drilling manufacturer Oprema Ravne. Key features include a customized aluminium basket with protective roof and drill attachment, integrated power hoses within the unit’s telescopic boom, an integrated generator and compressor tow bar. The first six units were purchased this summer by two Norwegian rental companies, Høyde-Teknikk and Drammen Lift, and end-user company Mesta. 

Rock scaling and drilling – a risky and common practice in Norway 

The first step in all rock stabilization tasks, rock scaling generally refers to the removal of loose rock, brush and trees on a slope or cliff. It is a practice commonly required, among others, for security reasons on rock cuts above highways, railways, walking trails and hydro dams. While some slopes require annual scaling, others may be good for many years after a thorough scale. Often performed by hand using a scaling bar (a specialized pry bar for rock) or drills, among other techniques, aerial work platforms are also employed in rock-scaling applications. 

Hybeko RS-85 XC™ boom lift

New solutions adapted to specific regional needs 

Being such a mountainous country, Norway has few roads and highways that are not cut directly into the sides of mountains. As a result, rock scaling is a common, yet risky practice, which is often carried out with the help of aerial work platforms. However, as Hybeko Chief Executive Espen Johannessen explains, “As far as we could see it, none of the boom lifts appeared to be purpose-designed with the right specifications, nor officially approved for the job by a certified body.” 

Seeking to find out more, Hybeko approached Gjerden Fjellsikring, a local company with a long experience in rock scaling work. 

A productive solution, but also a safe one

 “It was clear that there was a real need for a machine that would offer operators better protection. At the same time, there was also the question of productivity and a machine that would allow the use of the appropriate heavy drilling tools,” says Johannessen. 

Thanks to its robust design, reinforced boom adapted to its increased lift capabilities, 26 m (85 ft) working height and 22.71 m (74 ft) horizontal outreach, the Genie S-85 XC boom lift stood as an excellent machine upon which to begin the new dedicated rock scaling design. 

“The project took us about two years from engineering to testing and receiving the CE approval through Rambøll,” says Johannessen. “In addition to taking operator safety to a significantly higher level, we are also proud to offer customers the first and only CE-approved solution that, according to our tests and feedback from our first customers, multiplies productivity by three! We thank HøydeTeknikk, Drammen Lift and Mesta for their confidence, and hope that our RS-85 XC boom will give them the competitive edge that we all need during these challenging times.”

Hybeko RS-85 XC™ boom lift

Source: Terex Aerial Work Platforms