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HYDAC CabinAirCare

Due to the consistently increasing utilisation of combustion engines on the one hand and due to antiquated legislation on the other, pollution with respirable finest and nanodust particles in the ambient air is alarmingly high – in spite of the exhaust regulations, which have in the meantime been tightened. In vehicle interiors, work cabins and in passenger compartments, too, high concentrations of dangerous nanoparticles can be measured.

Depending on its particle size, nanodust does not just penetrate into the lungs, but also goes dangerously deep into the entire organism – the smaller the particles, the more dangerous they are.

As with the tightening of the soot particle emission limits for diesel vehicles, restrictions are also likely to be imposed on the assessment of internal space air in vehicles and working devices.

For this reason, and not least for a healthy climate which promotes working performance, HYDAC already provides highly effective air filter systems for equipping and retrofitting, the HYDAC CabinAirCare.

With an air flow from 30 - 120 m3/h the nano filter can be used over a service period of 2000 hours (appr. 3 months). It is characterized by the following features:

  • Easy to attach and/or extendable (to existing climate or filter systems)

  • Sufficient system reserve (fan performance, media selection) for common cabine sizes in construction and agricultural industry

  • Robust and easy design space

  • Filtration of air pollutants up to nanoparticles and gases