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HYDAC: Mobile Applications: Electrification for Mobile Machinery

HYDAC cooling system
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HYDAC cooling system


The electrification of mobile machinery is an emerging technology gaining momentum due to environmental regulations. Here, we highlight the challenges and opportunities of this technology, as well as HYDAC's expertise in developing and integrating the necessary components.


Challenges of Electrification:

  • Complexity of Electrical Architectures: Electrical systems for mobile machinery can be complex and require careful engineering and design.

  • Thermal Management: Electric motors and other electronic components generate heat that must be effectively managed to prevent overheating.

Opportunities of Electrification:

  • Reduction of Emissions and Noise: Electrifying machinery reduces emissions and noise, making it an attractive option for companies aiming to meet stricter environmental regulations and improve sustainability.

  • Increased Efficiency and Performance: Electric motors are generally more efficient than internal combustion engines, leading to lower energy consumption and operational costs. Additionally, electrification allows for better control and precision of movement, which can enhance machine performance.

  • New Design Possibilities: Electrification eliminates the need for a traditional drivetrain, opening new possibilities for machine design. This can lead to more compact, lightweight, and versatile machines.

HYDAC as a Partner in Electrification:

HYDAC is a leading provider of electrification solutions for mobile machinery, offering a wide range of components and systems, including:

Electric Motors: HYDAC provides a broad range of high-efficiency electric motors and generators for mobile applications, with high power and torque densities, as well as robust designs in the power range of 5 - 400 kW.

Control Systems: HYDAC offers various control systems for electric motors, including speed, torque, and position controllers.

Batteries: HYDAC offers battery solutions for mobile applications, including advanced battery systems from HYDAC and INVENOX, which are perfect for mobile machinery. They provide complete "Plug & Play" systems with integrated BMS and PDU.

Cooling Units: HYDAC offers a variety of cooling units for electrical systems, including air coolers, oil coolers, and water coolers.

Additionally, it offers solutions for Machine Efficiency Optimization:

Electrifying machinery for mobile applications offers a range of benefits and new possibilities. HYDAC provides a wide range of components and systems to help companies achieve their electrification goals.

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