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IBAT : User-friendly digital solutions for building companies

IBAT helps building companies to enhance their digital efficiency and pass digital transition. IBAT provides them digital solutions specially design for everyday challenges. IBAT main solution is an e-procurement Saas application that facilitates everyday life of construction companies. IBAT application is marketed since late 2016 and has already convinced several french companies like Demathieu Bard, Fimurex and Giesper groups. IBAT will show his new offline mobile application at Intermat Exhibition next april in Paris.

An user-friendly application developped with site managers


95% of building companies order their materials by phone and it causes heavy paperwork for account teams, frequent delivery mistakes and 3% purchasing over- invoicing. Moreover, companies buy at least 20% of products off catalog with 15% overcost. Most of building companies aren’t structured to manage and optimize their purchase. In the future, 50% of products will be bought online.

IBAT is an e-procurement solution that facilitates everyday life of construction companies by bringing time and money savings. This solution brings 3% adding net margin to companies by reducing administrative work and optimizing purchasing. This Saas platform allows building site managers to order materials in just a few clics to their usual suppliers with laptop, tablet or smartphone. It also interfaces with accounting management softwares. Each company has a full customized access with its own suppliers and products. IBAT secures negociated prices, decreases by 50% accounting work, increase building site productivity and allows budgets real time follow-up.

A lean startup strategy

IBAT is built on user feedback. It’s product’s heart and it drives how to improve the solution. IBAT team adapts the application to specificities of each company and updates it according to building site’s teams needs.

IBAT founder and CEO, Mélanie Lehoux : « When I was working as construction manager, it was difficult to stay in line with purchasing strategy of the company. I didn’t have an adapted solution to order materials and a lot of daily paperwork. I decided to develop IBAT to give more time to building site managers and construction supervisors to help them concentrate on building site’s productivity. IBAT is user-friendly and first of all, has been tested and validated by 100 building site managers. 

Source: IBAT