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IFOY AWARD 2019: Applicant Portal is reopened

  • What are the best intralogistics products and system solutions of the year?

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    Applicant portal on open from 2 May to 30 October 2018.

  • Intralogistics start-ups have their own IFOY category.

Ismaning near Munich, May 2, 2018.  Once again it is time for the top class in intralogistics: The applicant portal for the world's most important intralogistics award opened today. Manufacturers of products and system solutions can apply with their new developments and warehouse projects over the coming six months.

The eleven categories cover material handling products and solutions for almost every application. In addition to forklifts, warehouse equipment and special built vehicles, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), shuttles, robots, software and apps or successfully implemented integrated warehouse concepts are approved for application. Furthermore, outstanding technical details or components, such as ergonomic innovations, safety solutions or automation components are awarded for their achievements. For the first time, startups also have a permanent place at the IFOY Award. In a separate category, newly founded companies can submit their developments in intralogistics. The IFOY Award has established itself as an indicator of economic efficiency and innovation. Due to its specialised expertise it is regarded as the most important innovation award in intralogistics and material handling. The devices and solutions are subjected to individually tailored driving or function tests, including the IFOY test protocol comprising around 80 criteria and the scientific IFOY Innovation Check. In addition, jurors and their advisory teams assess the finalists personally before voting. Above all, it is crucial that the nominees are compared not with each other, yet with their competing devices on the market.

At a glance: IFOY AWARD categories 2019

  • Counter Balanced Truck: up to 3.5 tons

  • Counter Balanced Truck: from 3.51 tons

  • Heavy Load Forklift and Special Vehicle: forklifts and vehicles for special tasks: container stackers, transportable forklifts, heavy-load forklifts from 8 tons, special vehicle manufacturing 

  • Warehouse Truck "highlifter": materials handling equipment from the 2nd shelving level, such as high-bay trucks, VNA trucks or reach trucks, pedestrian-controlled highlift trucks, order-picking trucks, etc.

  • Warehouse Truck "lowlifter": materials handling equipment up to the 1st shelving level, such as pedestrian-controlled lowlift trucks, lift trucks, tow tractors, tugger trains, order-picking trucks, etc.

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Shuttle: shuttle (systems), driverless transport systems, automated/partially automated materials handling equipment in the context of the application options

  • Intralogistics Robot: robots or robot-based solutions for intralogistic applications, such as picking robots, palletizing and depalletizing robots, cobots, robots for automatic unloading and loading of trucks, etc.

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    Intralogistics Software: apps and intralogistics system or software solutions in the context of the application options, such as warehouse management systems, truck guidance systems, advanced driver assistance systems, fleet management systems, etc.

  • Integrated Warehouse Solution: a warehouse concept that has been successfully implemented at the customer's location

  • Special of the Year: components or technical details that significantly improve economics or environment, or the physical or psychological conditions of the user, such as ergonomic innovations, scafety assistant solutions, automation solutions, drive technology, forklift attachments, etc.

  • NEW: Startup: the prize is awarded to innovative prototypes or functional developments (intralogistics products, software, vehicles or components) of newly founded companies. Products that are already in series production or theoretical concepts are not permitted.

Source: wuermser.communications; IFOY