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Implenia is awarded major job to build new Stadtbahn line in Düsseldorf

Contract worth EUR 45 million (approx. CHF 47 million) | Better connections to airport and exhibition grounds


Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, has commissioned Implenia to build two sections of the new U81 railway line, part of the city’s Stadtbahnlinie network. U-Bahn line 81 will connect Düsseldorf’s main railway station with its airport and exhibition grounds. Part of the first section of the route to the north of the city will use the existing tracks from Freiligrathplatz northwards. The new route will branch off from this line, crossing over the Nordstern junction and continuing on towards the airport, where an underground station is planned at the terminal. In addition to the improved connection to the airport and exhibition grounds, the U81 will help reduce traffic in the centre of Düsseldorf.

The bidding consortium of Implenia, Wayss & Freytag and MCE has won the contract for Lot 1 of the construction work, while the bidding consortium of Implenia and Wayss & Freytag has been awarded Lot 2. Implenia is commercial lead manager for both lots. The total order volume comes to EUR 113 million (approximately CHF 119 million), and Implenia’s share is EUR 45 million (approximately CHF 47 million).

Lot 1 includes several civil engineering works (ramp structures, an elevated trough section, a bridge near access Gate 1) plus the associated groundwork and the construction of an arched steel bridge using the incremental launch method. It also includes extensive track construction and overhead cabling, as well as the erection of noise abatement walls. Lot 2 involves the creation of a construction pit using back anchored diaphragm walls, excavation work (partially underwater) and cut-and-cover construction of a ramp and a train station. On both lots, the job also includes traffic management and safety throughout all phases of construction and interim stages, as well as road construction and dewatering work.

Since the U81 construction site is directly next to Düsseldorf Airport, another requirement is that construction work does not affect air traffic or the operation of the airport. Trams must also be allowed to keep running during the different phases of construction. The construction of support pillars and the relocation of the flyover must take place while traffic continues to flow. “Having already successfully completed the Wehrhahn line for the client Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Implenia has proved its expertise in technically challenging transport infrastructure projects,” says Christian Späth, Head of Division Civil Engineering at Implenia. “We are pleased that we have now also won the contract to build the Stadtbahn line and thus continue our good customer relationship.”

Construction started at the end of May 2020, with completion planned for 2023.

Source: Implenia Ltd.