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Industrial hose pumps for flows up to 108 cubic metres by Bredel Hose Pumps

Bredel Hose Pumps, a division of WMFTG, in Germany represented by AxFlow GmbH, showcases robust and reliable industrial hose pumps for high flows. In demanding applications in the mining industry.


Bredel hose pumps hold significant advantages over other pump technologies.

The Bredel series of heavy duty pumps offers flow rates up to 108 cubic metres per hour and pressures to 16 bar. Perfectly suited for transferring highly abrasive or viscous sludge or slurry. With Bredel patented direct coupled technology, the pumps combine reliability and low maintenance.

Bredel pumps have a suction lift capability of up to 9.5 metres and are self-priming and dry running. With no check valves seals, membranes, stators, rotors or glands to leak, clog or corrode, Bredel pumps significantly contribute to process optimisation. The pump series complies with ATEX standards and is available in twelve different sizes offering flows from 0.022 to over 100,000 litres per hour.

Compared to other pump technologies, industrial hose pumps offer significant advantages for mining applications: They can pump slurries, pastes and sludge, with up to 80% solids in suspension, making them the ideal choice to handle thickener underflow. Compared to centrifugal pumps industrial hose pumps need less space and energy.

As only the tubing element comes into contact with the medium, hose pumps easily handle strong acids and highly corrosive liquids. Their low shear operation allows them to transfer delicate polymer chain or flocculants gently. Thus, Bredel pumps are contributing to a more economical use of chemicals.

With no seals or valves, Bredel hose pumps minimize contamination risks for the environment as well as maintenance and downtime. NR Endurance hose elements by Bredel add to greater process uptime in abrasive pumping applications. Compared to standard NR Hoses, they last up to four times longer. Replacing a hose element is only a matter of minutes and can be performed on site.

To demonstrate long-term cost benefits of Bredel Hose Pumps, Watson-Marlow has launched a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator. Users simply need to enter a few parameters in order to receive an estimation of the operational savings associated with switching to Bredel Hose Pumps. 


Source: Bredel BV