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Innovations and proven technology at BAUER Maschinen GmbH's in-house exhibition

It has become a tradition that is especially appreciated by clients and partners of the BAUER Maschinen Group: the in-house exhibition. In April, BAUER Maschinen GmbH and its subsidiaries showcased a number of innovations and further developments as well as proven technology as part of this exhibition. Nearly 1,700 guests from more than 70 countries accepted the invitation again this year and traveled to the company's headquarters in Schrobenhausen in Upper Bavaria.


"We extend a warm welcome to our clients, friends and partners," said Dieter Stetter, Managing Director of BAUER Maschinen GmbH at the opening of the four-day event on 18 April. "We have some brand new machines and systems, as well as hundreds of new ideas that make our machines the best ones out there." Prof. Thomas Bauer, Chairman of the Management Board of BAUER AG, also welcomed the guests and representatives from local politics and the press and remarked: "This is a time of many international conflicts that not only affect our business, but also the business of our clients and partners. However, we will not withdraw from our commitments in the affected regions. We believe that in addition to tolerance, business relationships in particular form the best basis for mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence."

After the opening ceremony, the guests had the chance to view the exhibits in more detail. The first highlight in the center of the exhibition area was the universal drilling rig RB-T 100 by PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH, which was developed together with the parent company BAUER Maschinen GmbH. With a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, the hydraulically driven mobile system is suitable, among other things, for large-caliber well drilling, geothermal drilling, as well as exploration drilling and the drilling of escape shafts. A "sister" of this drilling rig is the PR 100 by BAUER Deep Drilling GmbH. This machine, which comes with many attachments, is used for oil and gas drilling. Prakla also showcased its mobile universal drilling rig RB 60 as a further upgrade of its RB 50 rig.

Another eye-catcher was the setting up of a complete diaphragm wall construction site. Following the motto "Bauer is a one-stop shop for the client," apart from a BAUER MC 64 duty-cycle crane together with a diaphragm wall grab DHG-V, a BC 35 cutter on a BAUER MC 96 foundation crane was also showcased. The MC 96 has a new turnabel cutter with a hose drum system HDS-T that is designed for a cutting depth of 100 meters. As a result of modifications made to the boom head and the pulley block, the cutter can be slewed steplessly to its normal position in a range of -50 degrees to +95 degrees. The system comprising BAUER MC 96 and HDS-T can be equipped with the BAUER diaphragm wall cutters BC 35 and BC 40. A must-see, of course, was a desanding plant BE 550-60 by the Bauer Maschinen subsidiary MAT Mischanlagentechnik GmbH; this machine is currently also being used for the megaproject "Grand Paris Express" in the French capital. Owing to its compact dimensions and high throughput capacity, this system for cleaning diaphragm wall slurries is ideal for use in the city.

Rigs from the BG family were also exhibited, with a BG 11 H and a BG 26 representing rotary drilling rigs of the ValueLine series and a BG 15 H, a BG 28 H, a BG 34 H and a BG 39 representing the PremiumLine rigs. ValueLine rigs are rotary drilling rigs that are optimised for kelly drilling, whereas PremiumLine rigs are multifunction rotary drilling rigs. A new feature of the exhibited BG 28 and the BG 26 are the integrated service platforms that can be pulled out like a drawer; this helps eliminate the time wasted in attaching and separately transporting step grids and railings.

The new base machine BT 85 of BG 28 H and the base machine of BG 26 were completely newly developed by the BAUER Maschinen GmbH and were designed for all engine classes (Tier III and Tier IV final). Furthermore, the new Energy Efficiency Package EEP was installed in two of the PremiumLine rotary drilling rigs, the BG 34 H and the BG 28 H. Developed by Bauer Maschinen and previously optimized on test sites under real conditions, the EEP is optional for BG PremiumLine machines and is offered for duty-cycle cranes of the MC-series. In EEP, several measures to increase energy efficiency are summarized and synchronized with each other in such a way that there is a significant increase in efficiency, and productivity is also thus achieved. Extensive tests show that fuel savings of up to 30 percent are achieved in the winch operation of rotary drilling rigs and of up to 20 percent in normal operations during drilling. In addition to that, the measures implemented also lead to a considerable noise reduction.

The RTG Rammtechnik GmbH was represented by three exhibits: an RM 20 piling rig with accelerated hammer and an RG 19 telescopic leader rig with a vibratory hammer and a hydraulically driven FAMBO Hammer. The KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH showcased various small and anchor drilling rigs. Special attention was paid to the attachment of various systems for handling drill rods, in response to the increased European safety regulations. HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik GmbH presented their blast-hole drilling rig HSB 3000 for down-the-hole (DTH) drilling with a diameter of up to 165 millimeters. The exhibits of the Bauer Maschinen GmbH subsidiaries ABS Trenchless GmbH and Eurodrill GmbH completed the BAUER Maschinen Group's range of equipment.

The hall of the "Old Welding Shop" was once again converted into an exhibition hall with bar service. Here, among other things, the guests could gather information about the departments Parts & Service, Maritime Technology or Electronics. The employees of SPANTEC Spann- & Ankertechnik GmbH, BAUER Deep Drilling GmbH and BAUER Training Center GmbH too could conduct many interesting conversations at their exhibition stands.

Instead of the usual machine demonstrations in the machinery manufacturing plant in Aresing near Schrobenhausen, the organisers came up with something very special this year: instead of just "passively" watching, for the first time, the guests had the opportunity to "actively" look behind the scenes of a rig operator. Three rotary drilling rigs together with the CFA equipment stood ready at the test site in Aresing. A rig operator worked alongside each of the total 170 participants, guiding him through an approximately 15-minute drill program.

However, the main focus was not only on technology this year. The BAUER Museum was opened on the first floor of the "Old Welding Shop" in a small ceremony as part of the 225th anniversary celebrations of the company in 2015. It was redesigned over many months in order to show visitors the history of the BAUER Group since its founding in 1790. In addition to the numerous exhibits, the illuminated XXL construction site diorama was especially a popular attraction among the visitors of all age groups.

"Just like for all previous in-house exhibitions, this year too, we have done everything possible to make our clients and guests feel at home here", said Dieter Stetter. However, what visitors probably rarely experience at home is something that has been an integral part of the BAUER Maschinen GmbH's in-house exhibition for several years now: the Bavarian evening, in which traditionally not only the locals, but also the guests from all over the world arrive in Dirndl and Lederhose and bring the day to a close together with pretzels, beer and brass band music. "Our guests love this combination of a friendly atmosphere and the Bavarian way of life," says Dieter Stetter, "that is what makes this event so unique." 

Source: BAUER Aktiengesellschaft; Bauer Group