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Innovative Solutions from Genie Will Be on Display at Innovationstag in Hohenroda, Germany, 19th and 20th June 2024

Genie S-65 TraX
Genie (Terex Aerial Work Platforms) Europe
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Genie S-65 TraX

IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Corporation; Terex, Genie

  • Genie will showcase innovative lifting solutions at Innovationstag in Hohenroda, Germany, on 19-20 June 2024.

  • Featured equipment includes the compact SLA-20 material lift and the S-65 TraX with the Genie Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar.

  • The Genie SLA-20 is a manually operated material lift with a 363 kg capacity and a 6.46 m lift height.

  • The S-65 TraX telescopic boom lift offers a max working height of 21.86 m and features the next-generation Genie TraX system.

  • The next-generation Genie TraX system reduces maintenance costs and improves performance on various terrains.

  • The Genie Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar enhances safety by allowing operators to work outside the platform while remaining anchored.

Genie lifts offer quality, performance, reliability and a low total cost of ownership to deliver superior value


During Innovationstag, 19-20 June 2024, Genie and authorized Distributors ATG Lift GmbH (ATG) and BSI GmbH (BSI) will showcase how Genie continues to create innovative solutions for material and personnel lifting, while also keeping total cost of ownership low. Among the Genie equipment to be featured is the compact and lightweight SLA -20 material lift and the Genie® S®-65 TraX with the Genie Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to highlight our extensive experience in this region during Innovationstag, including select models that represent our full, extensive product range,” all three initiators are in agreement: Markus Bandura, Genie Sales Director – Germany, Austria & Switzerland, Sven Nielsen, Owner BSI and Andreas Konstantin, Owner ATG, “Furthermore, we expect a lot of interest in the new Genie TraX system, and the Genie Fall Arrest bar, which customers will be able to see on the S-65 TraX.”

Bandura continued: “Over the past two years, Genie has partnered successfully with our German top dealers for Innovationstag, who also won the Genie Dealer Award 2023, and we are excited to partner with them again to showcase our combined service offerings related to parts, service and financing with a new Genie team member line up.”

Genie S-65 TraX<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Corporation; Terex, Genie

About the Genie SLA

The Genie Superlift® Advantage SLA-20 lift is a sturdy, manually operated material lift that helps increase productivity and value. The lightweight SLA-20 Material Lift, which has a capacity of 363 kg and lifts to a height of 6.46 m, can fit through a standard, single doorway as a result of its compact size and portability, delivering productive versatility.

Genie SLA-20<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Corporation; Terex, Genie

About the S-65 TraX

The Genie S-65 TraX telescopic boom lift can perform a wider range of heavy lifting tasks on a variety of jobsites and terrain. The S-65 TraX has a max working height of 21.86 m along with a capacity of 300 kg unrestricted, and 454 kg restricted. Equipped with TraX, the lift has a weight of 13,098 kg and a track contact pressure of 193 kPa.

The S-65 TraX will be displayed at Innovationstag with the new, next-generation Genie TraX system.

About the Next-Generation Genie TraX System

Genie’s next generation TraX improves on its industry-leading track system. With 50% fewer serviceable parts than other tracks systems on the market, Genie TraX reduces the time and expense of maintenance and improves the Total Cost of Ownership.

Genie TraX systems, on average, offer 72% less contact pressure compared with standard tire options due to their broader weight distribution, allowing TraX machines to work on low-weight floors or in muddy terrain and sensitive ground conditions. It is the only TraX system in the industry that can be fitted to high-capacity machines. Four independent tracks ensure smooth break-over on rough terrain. Oscillating axles and the ability to swivel up and down by 22° enable the tracks to grip and climb over obstacles in the most extreme working conditions.

In addition, tracks can be swapped for tires (time to swap varies depending on the model), providing greater flexibility in terms of resale options. Genie will offer aftermarket upgrade kits to convert 2024 and newer S-65 XC and Z-62/40 boom lift models from wheels to TraX (some restrictions apply). These kits will launch at a future date.

The S-65 TraX also will feature the Genie Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar

As a company, Genie is committed to designing, manufacturing, servicing, and supporting quality equipment that enables people to work safely at height. This commitment has continued to drive innovation that helps improve productivity, safely.

Recognizing that there are times when an operator needs to perform work at height outside of the platform on an adjacent structure while remaining connected with the platform, Genie developed the Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar, which has recently been certified for use across Europe.
Genie Lift Guard Fall Arrest Bar and Contact Alarm<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Corporation; Terex, Genie

The Fall Arrest Bar has a sliding track, which is designed to allow the operator to be anchored using a fall arrest system, providing them the opportunity to move freely and safely outside the platform on an adjacent structure. The Fall Arrest Bar attaches quickly and easily to a range of Genie® boom lifts and can be used on a 1.83 m or 2.44 m platform. As always, equipment owners and operators should be sure that any accessories are compatible with the equipment being used.

Genie helps equipment owners and operators find the Fall Arrest Bar and similar information through supplemental manuals that are updated on its website on a regular basis, including compliancy information. It is important to note that country-specific and jobsite-specific regulations may apply, so operators should be certain to be aware of any specific requirements before using the Fall Arrest Bar.

Source: Terex Corporation; Terex, Genie