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Intercomp’s TS30™ CPU Wins ISWM 12th Annual Kardux Cup Award

Intercomp took home the Kardux Cup with its new TS30™ CPU as part of the bi-annual International Society of Weights and Measures (ISWM) National Conference and Expo, Feb. 25-27, in Las Vegas. At each national conference, a committee of weighing industry professionals selects the award-winning product from those entered into the New Product Showcase.


The honor is given to the company that produced ‘the most outstanding new technical achievement of the past two year that positively impacts the weighing and measurement industry.’

Designed for use in a variety of applications, Intercomp’s TS30™ CPU is compatible with portable, static wheel/axle scales and portable/in-ground Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems. Touchscreen navigation creates an intuitive user experience, minimizing the amount of training necessary to obtain weight data. The flexibility and ease of use offered by the TS30™ allows an end-user to maximize efficiency and increase profits, both before and after an Intercomp scale system is deployed or installed.

The TS30™ CPU controls and displays data for up to 12 scale pads, using either RFX™ Wireless or cabled communication. Aside from the ability to recall, print and export weight records, the indicator features 10 user-customizable fields to identify specific records from the thousands that can be stored in the unit’s memory. Long-life lithium batteries power the unit longer than eight hours before requiring a charge or direct AC power source, minimizing downtime.

Source: Intercomp Co.