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HTSR 400 E4/L4

INTERMAT 2018 – Exhibited tires

Galaxy LSDR300 E3/L3 (size 23.5R25) – Dependability that goes on, without stops

Global premiere

Superior cut & chip resistance / Robust sidewall protection

Galaxy LSDR300 E3/L3

LDSR 300 is specially constructed for wheel loaders operating in the thoughest enviroments. Trasportation of heavy load demands excellent stability and robustness. Sturdy radial construction coupled with strong sidewall protector provides LDSR 300 superior strenght and endurance to withstand challenging terrains. Premium tread compounds provide excellent protection against lug-tearing and chunking, helping the machine to perform efficiently without any downtime. „S-shaped“ tread pattern with stepped lugs ensure optimal traction and enhanced self-cleaning assuring high productivity.

For wheel loader.

Available in sizes: 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25,26.5R25, 29.5R25

Galaxy HTSR 400 E4/L4 (size 29.5R25) – Harsh mining terrain, heavy loads, extreme environments: beat them all without stops

Global premiere

Minimum heat build-up / Excellent durability

Galaxy HTSR 400 E4/L4

HTSR 400 is specially built fro dump trucks that face extrem environments while hauling heavy loads. High tread depth ensures consistent traction and greater cut resistance making it the most productive choice. The presence of special compound ensures minumum heat built-up while performing longer runs. Superior cut & chip protection with optimizes belt design provides excellent durability resulting in reduced downtime.

For articulated dump truck.

Available in sizes: 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25, 750/65R25 (under development)

Galaxy Beefy Baby III (size 10-16.5) – Extra deep trad for unmatched skidsteer performance

Reinforced side wall construction / Protection against cuts and snags on the job / Rim shield protector on the sidewall

Galaxy Beefy Baby III


Galaxy Beefy Baby III is an advanced design with 10% higher tread depth than Beefy Baby II design. It has a flatter tread profile. Due to increased overlap, there is a significant increase in the amount of rubber in the center of the tread pattern. The shallower angle of the lug in the shoulder provides increased traction capability. The terracing in the under tread promotes self-cleaning. The signature galaxy rim shield has been enhanced in the Beefy Baby III design.

Beefy Baby III is an ideal choice for skid steer’s performing heavy duty applications for longer durations on varied surfaces (mud, dirt, concrete, gravel, sand). It ensures high traction performance when used in applications like movement of stone, brick, mud, sand, debris from construction sites. It provides smooth ride and uniform wear even on hard surfaces.

For backhoe, utility tractor, skid steer, boom lift

Available in sizes: 10-16.5, 12-16.5

Galaxy Hulk SDS (size 14-17,5) – The solid tire for peerless durability

Highest tread depth / Unique tread pattern / Cut & chip, abrasion resistant compound

Galaxy Hulk SDS

Hulk SDS is constructed to provide the lowest cost of operation for the toughest skidsteer applications under the harshest environments (waste handling, scrap metal yards, rock quarries, dairy farms, etc.). Hulk SDS features extra deep sturdy block pattern which has high solid to void pattern with large central block for long tread wear. Its solid construction eliminates punctures, ensuring maximum uptime and steel wire creel beads prevent rim slippage. It is available with tire + rim assembly (Lock ring/standard heel type) for quick change of tire. Hulk SDS gives maximum tread depth available to provide extended tire life with lowest cost of ownership in the most severe application.

For skid steer

Available in sizes: 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 14-17.5

Galaxy Yardmaster SDS (size 16X6-8) – Absolute reliability, absolute stability, zero downtime

3 Stage construction for cushioned ride / Reinforced tread block to handle extreme stress / High load carrying capacity and stability / Presence of special compound ensuring cut-chip & wear resistance

Galaxy Yardmaster SDS

Galaxy Yardmaster SDS is a premium tire built for standard heel rims. The tire completely eliminates breakdown of equipment owing to punctures. Yardmaster SDS is the perfect solution to achieve lowest cost of operation through improved equipment productivity. The steel wire creel beads running across the tire prevents rim slippage and provides improved grip. The presence of special compounds ensures longer tire life.The wide tire profile increases lateral load carrying capacity, stability traction. The large industrial block pattern increases life of the tread while promoting superior grip.

For excavator, forklift and bomb cart

Available in a full range of sizes.

Galaxy Yardmaster Ultra (size 18X7-8) – The reliable partner for round the clock forklifts

High tread depth for long life / Wide profile for increased stability / Premium cut & abrasion resistance compound

Galaxy Yard Master Ultra is a premium service tire designed to operate in the most demanding conditions. The Yardmaster Ultra fulfills all the needs of a high operation forklift tire. It combines superior traction with excellent stability, also provides comfortable cushioned ride even while working on hard surfaces in round-the-clock operations.Made of heavy duty construction that resists abrasions, punctures and impacts, the wide, flat tread profile provides excellent stability in forklift operations.

For excavator, forklift and heavy duty forklift.

Available in a full range of sizes.

Alliance 624 (size 445/70R19.5) – When only the strong can perform!

All steel radial construction / Excellent traction and self-cleaning / High stability

Alliance 624 is a unique tire for various machines. It has an all-steel radial construction with a wide base and high under tread gauge makes it well equipped to perform challenging operations and release easily mud. It has massive lugs with steep angles close to the central line, lower angles close to shoulders, massive centre blocks, robust sidewall construction with rim guards and reinforced shoulder area. The tread design provides high traction and excellent self-cleaning on varied terrains.

It is designed for excellent performance on both on & off road applications. The presence of special compound protects the tire against damages ensuring longer tire life and high productivity, while giving a better fuel efficiency.

For excavator, compact wheel loader, telehandler.

Available in sizes: 445/70R19,5 and 445/70R22.5

Alliance 528 Dual Master (size 315/80R22.5) – Innovative dual tires for double the strength

High flotation characteristics / Excellent stability / Greater puncture protection / All steel radial construction / Directional tread design

Alliance 528 Dual Master is designed to improve the dual tire configuration per excavators. The dual master tires work together as one integrated unit, minimizing the likelihood of tire failure caused due to stone penetration; their sidewall construction enables close contact between two tires excluding necessity to mount a special rubber ring in order to prevent stone penetration between the tires.

Radial tire construction enables long tread life, comfortable run and low fuel consumption. Its strong all steel carcass provides machine stability, good puncture protection and re-treadability of tires. The 528 tread pattern belongs to the moderate traction group, providing effective performances on both, on and off road applications. Shoulder lugs provide efficient grip on soft surfaces.

Ideal for excavators in the range of 16-20 ton.

Available in size: 315/80R22.5


Alliance 392 (size 600/24R20.5) – High load capacity tire with high protection against cuts and punctures

Non directional block type tread design / All steel construction / Special tread compound / Retreading

Alliance 392 is an all steel tire with an F speed rating for high speed agri-transport operations. High load carrying capacity, protection against cuts & punctures, low soil compaction and low rolling resistance are some of its key features. It is suitable for heavy duty applications. Its unique tread design ensures high traction in all terrains. It is suitable for sandy and soft soil operations.

For trailer, tanker, wagon, baler, cultivator.

Available in size: 600/24R20.5

Source: Alliance Tire Europe BV