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International Award recognizes innovative yet practical design of new STEYR Plus tractors

Steyr Plus
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Steyr Plus


  • The STEYR Plus series tractors have been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award, recognizing their innovative and practical design in the Industrial Machine category.

  • The award-winning STEYR Plus range includes models from 80-117hp, featuring a radical new styling that integrates practical benefits such as enhanced lighting for safer operation.

  • The design of the STEYR Plus tractors not only stands out visually but also incorporates the latest precision farming technologies, including S-Fleet telematics and S-Guide steering automation, for the first time in this power level within the STEYR range.

  • David Wilkie, Head of Design at CNH, highlights the recognition of STEYR's commitment to combining style with practicality and capability in tractor design, following the launch at Agritechnica.

New model range wins iF Design award / Line of 80-120hp tractors introduces radical new styling / Refreshed look integrates practical benefits including enhanced lighting /

Steyr Plus<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Steyr

The innovative styling of the new STEYR Plus series, the latest addition to the growing line of STEYR tractors, has been recognized by the judges of one of the design sector’s most globally-respected prizes, with the presentation of an iF Design Award.

Steyr Plus<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Steyr

One of the world’s most prestigious design competitions, the iF Design Awards were first granted in 1954. This year’s edition attracted 10,800 entries from 72 countries, with the STEYR Plus tractor range a winner in the Industrial Machine category. To achieve this involved passing a rigorous two-stage selection by a jury of industry-respected design experts. The iF seal is granted to products that blend innovative style and aesthetics with enhanced functionality, to benefit customers while raising the profile of the design community.

iF Design Award logo<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Steyr


With five models spanning 80-117hp, the new Plus line of four-cylinder tractors, which brings back a revered name to the STEYR line-up, has introduced striking new styling to the STEYR product range, and a new contender in a power bracket that represents the largest market in Europe by volume. The Plus styling not only ensures the tractors stand out visually, but brings with it practical benefits such as seamlessly-integrated road and work lights for easier, safer operation in the field and on the road. The design also acknowledges the technology now available inside the tractors, including the latest precision farming systems such as S-Fleet telematics and S-Guide steering automation, bringing such systems down to this power level in the STEYR range for the first time, meeting customer demand for automation to ease workloads.

Steyr Plus<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Steyr

“It’s great to see STEYR engineers and the design team of our parent CNH recognised with one of the world’s most important design awards,” says David Wilkie, Head of Design at CNH. “STEYR is proud of its reputation for stylish yet practical and capable tractor designs. Following their launch at Agritechnica, we are looking forward to showing potential customers the substance and specification beneath the style of the new Plus range.”

Steyr Plus<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Steyr

Source: Steyr