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Interroll in South Africa, with controls partner SICK Automation secures crossbelt sorter for Courierit

Interroll and SICK were awarded the contract to install an Interroll crossbelt sorter system designed to transport goods for scanning, weighing, dimensioning and sorting to any one of 25 destinations at a rate of over 5,000 parcels per hour, with the option to expand even more as they grow. Implementation is planned for August 2015.

Interroll and SICK first installed their conveyor and manual sorting system for Courierit back in 2006, thereafter an extension to their existing system in Johannesburg and their facility in Cape Town in 2011 to manage some 2,000 parcels per hour was commissioned.

Nelson Teixeira, Director of Courierit SA says: “This investment demonstrates our optimistic approach in the local market. Our relationship with Interroll and SICK Automation spans over almost 10 years and we are convinced by the efficient system solutions provided so far.”

Hilton Campbell, Managing Director of Interroll South Africa adds: “We are very proud to be associated with such a progressive and innovative company, We are looking forward to what the next decade will bring”