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Interview HIDROMEK for Bauma 2019

Hidromek was the first construction equipment manufacturer to receive the Automotive Brand Award, what was the reaction of your dealers and competitors?

HIDROMEK has achieved a first in the construction machinery sector by winning an award with HMK 640 WL wheel loader, in one of the world's most prestigious design competitions, Automotive Brand Contest. HIDROMEK became the first construction machine manufacturer to receive this award while increasing number of design awards to 15.


Being one of the world's top 50 construction equipment manufacturer, HIDROMEK is celebrating its 40th foundation anniversary this year. Today, over 43 thousand HIDROMEK machines are operating in more than 100 countries. HIDROMEK, demonstrates its power in R&D and design, technology and innovation at every stage of its production. The company stands out in the global market with innovative designed machines with HIDROMEK Design Studio.

Until today, the company won 14 design awards including the international awards such as Red Dot Best of the Best, German Design and Good Design. Now, HIDROMEK stands out with being awarded by Automotive Brand Contest which is organized 7th time by German Design Council this year.

HIDROMEK has one of the leading vehicle design studios in Turkey

HIDROMEK Design Studio Manager Hakan Telisik made the following statements about the award:

“We won an award with HMK 640 WL at the Automotive Brand Contest 2018, which was held by German Design Council who nominated HIDROMEK. None of the construction equipment manufacturers has ever won this award before. It is a first. ‘HIDROMEK Design Studio’ is one of the leading vehicle design studios Turkey. HIDROMEK, once again demonstrated the quality and innovation of the design of products signed by ‘HİDROMEK Design Studio’. This award is also very important in positioning our design quality among automotive companies.”

HMK 640 WL provides high productivity

HMK 640 WL wheel loader, offers high productivity and efficiency in areas such as quarry operation, gravel, mining and concrete batching plants.

How do you see the further development of your machines regarding  to the progressing digitalization?

Since its establishment, HİDROMEK has been attaching great importance to industrial design and R & D. In parallel with the digitalization with 4.0, HİDROMEK is adapting to the 3D parametric modeling program and constitutes all product design within this scope. All machines are modeled in a digital environment and the components and components are controlled in harmony with each other.

HİDROMEK, in principle, is a company that aims to increase efficiency by using advanced production technologies. For this purpose, it attaches importance to the use of robot and advanced CNC machines in production lines, and continues to increase its investments in parallel with this.

We strive for an emissions-free future, to what extent is this possible for construction machines?

HİDROMEK the machinery of gas and noise emissions electromagnetic emissions criteria and is compatible with the regulations set forth in both Europe and Turkey. It meets the gas emission criteria with SCR technology applied by all motor companies. HIDROMEK also aims to specialize in the electric vehicles category of the future and has developed a 100% electric HMK 70 W excavator in this context. Thanks to its electric motor, HMK 70 W is more quiet and more efficient and environmentally friendly. HMK 70 W reduces the environmental impact with its zero emission and compact size. The standard socket on the HMK 70W, which provides 8 hours of operation at a time, allows the machine to charge itself. Lack of fuel consumption, efficient power consumption engine and low maintenance costs make HMK 70W economical.

 What special feature does the visitor expect at your stand?

HIDROMEK is ready to take center stage at bauma 2019 with its innovative machines

HIDROMEK, which is one of the world's top 50 construction equipment manufacturer, will exhibit its brand new products in Bauma 2019. The global brand will attract attention with its design awarded machines, the brand new H4 series excavators, the new wheel loader and soil compactors at Hall C5. The brand new electric excavator HMK 70 W is also going to take the center stage at Bauma 2019 which will be held in Munich, the Messe München Trade-Fair Center on April 08-14, 2019.

HİDROMEK, a globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, was founded in Ankara in 1978. Backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators,  wheel loaders, motor graders and soil compactors are manufactured in production facilities including 4 factories in Ankara, 1 factory in Izmir and 1 factory in Thailand. In 2017, part of its new production facility located on an area of 1.2 million m² started functioning in Ankara. More than 45 thousand HİDROMEK machines are running in more than 100 countries. HIDROMEK works with its international authorized dealers and provides sales and after sales services through its centers such as HIDROMEK WEST, HIDROMEK RUSSIAN, HIDROMEK JAPAN and HİDROMEK THAILAND.

583,736 visitors from 219 countries met in bauma 2016

Being organized once in 3 years, Bauma fair is an important platform for the sector since it is the leading trade fair that brings together the industry for construction machinery. Having 605,000 m2 of exhibition space, Bauma 2016 had 3,425 exhibitors from 58 countries and 583,736 visitors from 219 countries. The machinery sector is looking forward for Bauma 2019 and HİDROMEK is going to be one of the most important actors of the exhibition with its innovative machines.

At Bauma 2019, HİDROMEK will exhibit HMK 62SS mini backhoe loader, HMK 102S Supra and HMK 102B Alpha Greentec backhoe loader. Besides, HMK 200 W, HMK 145 LC SR, HMK 220 LC, HMK 300 LC, HMK 390 LC HD and HMK 490 LC HD hydraulic excavators belonging to H4 series will be exhibited in the fair as well.  Additionally, HİDROMEK will exhibit HMK 600 MG motor grader, HMK 640 WL wheel loader, HMK 130 CS soil compactor. The new HMK 70 W electric excavator, HMK 635 WL wheel loader, HMK 110 CS soil compactor and HMK 150W wheel excavator will also make debut at Bauma 2019.

H4 series is designed for easier operation use

Offering high performance, HİDROMEK's new H4 Series excavators stand out with their operating speed. With the aim of rendering the machine's use easier for the operator during the design process, the H4 Series has an electronic system with an increased capacity facilitating the identification of the machine condition and its integration with the additional equipment. The red handles and warning labels on the new series of machines are designed to bring operator safety to the highest level. Due the LED headlamps in the H4 Series excavators, night vision capacity is significantly improved. The new series also has an eight-inch display unit with an integrated radio and multilingual options, and a rear view camera with enhanced image quality.

Office comfort will be reached

HMK 145 LC SR crawler excavator, another new product of HİDROMEK, aims to make the operator feel as comfortable and relaxed as in an office. For this purpose, Opera Control System is used to facilitate the easy use of the machine. Having the ergonomics of heavier weight machines, HMK 145 LC SR crawler excavator provides easy access for service and maintenance with its specially positioned air conditioning. The tilting cabin provides quick access to hydraulic equipment which in turn provides serviceability.

The brand new compactors provide maximum versatility and performance

In the HMK 130 CS soil compactors and HMK 110 CS the operator is offered superior comfort in the cab. The soil compactors have been designed with the product style of HİDROMEK feature properties that will make the operator feel special. With the use of brown tones for a spacious look in the cabin, large windows enabling wide angle of view, 8” touchscreen for A/C and multimedia control and heavy duty type A/C, new HIDROMEK products provide superior comfort for the operator in the cabin. Tablet holder in the machines that can be moved to left and right easily is another feature designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. Additionally, mono-block openable hood designed for the convenience of the user provides easy serviceability.

High efficiency, low fuel consumption

HMK 635 WL wheel loader is attracting attention with its high engine power, performance ​​and heavy working conditions. The product is more environmentally friendly and productive with the Phase-5 Mercedes engine. The HMK 635 WL operates with high efficiency and low fuel consumption. It stands out with its high breakout force, dump clearance and traction. With seat heating, reversing camera, touch screen, electrically controlled and heated mirror, HMK 635 WL offers ease of use.

With its unique design HMK 635 WL, is more stable owing to the engine located rear. Besides, HMK 635 WL provides convenient serviceability due to its one-piece electric bonnet easily accessible from the ground level and the step located on the back of the machine.

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