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Introducing InfraROB, European project seeking for automated autonomous solutions for the integrity, performance and security of diverse infrastructures

CECE Europe
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IMAGE SOURCE: InfraROB; CECE - Committee for European Construction Equipment

InfraROB is the European project aiming at maintaining integrity, performance and safety of the road infrastructure through autonomous robotized solutions and modularization.

There are many health and safety risks when it comes to using and working on roads. The EU-funded InfraROB project will focus on automating, robotising and modularising road construction and maintenance work. More specifically, it will develop, among others, autonomous robotised systems and machinery to carry out line marking, repaving, and the repair of cracks and potholes. It will also develop collaborative robotised safety systems for construction workers and road users. The project further aims to integrate pavement management system and traffic management system solutions for a holistic, unified management of road infrastructure and live traffic.

InfraROB is European Commission's Horizon 2020 project, that will roll for 42 months and has been granted with an estimate of five million euros.

University of Vigo research group is leading the consortium of 18 partners including companies, tech-centres and consulting companies of eight countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Swiss and Denmark). CECE is one of the partners involved in project’s communication and dissemination activities. Moreover, we will be responsible for creating and managing project's social media.

Source: CECE - Committee for European Construction Equipment