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INTRODUCING the Next Level in Hydraulic Booms!

New EagleTech Boom
Hustler Equipment Europe
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New EagleTech Boom

New EagleTech Boom

Our all-NEW boom series for the new Applic8r range, Glides like an Eagle. Applies with precision.

Glides like an Eagle. Applies with precision. EagleTech Onboard. 

When it comes to boom stability and application accuracy, EagleTech is a clear class winner! Featuring Yaw, Vertical, and individual Sectional suspension, hydraulic boom dampeners for a silky smooth glide like an eagle, in-line sectional filters, transport boom-locks, and the most user-friendly wing-lift means you’ll be covering more ground with an eagle, no matter how rough! 

And backed by Hustler’s 4 year warranty, peace of mind comes standard.


  • Hydraulic Boom Dampeners

  • In-Line Sectional Filters

  • Double Nozzles Bodies

  • Full Wing-Lift

  • Unique End-Section Suspension

  • Unique Mast Rollers

  • Stainless Steel Tubes

Source: Hustler Equipment