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It is time for regulation: technical update during CECE Congress 2020

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CECE Congress 2020 - part 3/4

During the CECE Congress 2020, the CECE technical team presented an overview of  the sector’s technical priorities and updated on the regulatory files in progress.


The CECE technical team included Pelle Bokedal - Volvo CE, chair of the CECE High-Level Technical Policy Advisory Group, Stefan Nilsson - Volvo CE, chair of the CECE Technical Commission, Belen Bravo and Caio Lobo - CECE Technical Policy Managers.

Throughout the session the technical team emphasised the different ways in which CECE supports its members:

- On Road Circulation, our members identified a gap in the EU Single Market where CECE has been advocating for a new legislation harmonising road circulation requirements for mobile machinery,

- On the revision of Machinery Directive, CECE is acting in the pre-legislative phase, providing positions and participating in the different discussion fora that support the European Commission's work in preparing a legislative proposal.

The team also explained the postponement of the stage V transition period where CECE reacted to an urgent impact of  COVID-19 pandemic. Finally Pelle Bokedal illustrated the concerns of the sector regarding the SCIP database where CECE is  advocating for a postponement of the deadline.

Source: CECE - Committee for European Construction Equipment