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JCB teleskid is an innovative world first for Agritechnica

JCB reveals its latest innovation for on-farm materials handling and loading with the European launch at Agritechnica of the world’s first skid steer loader with a telescopic boom.


The JCB Teleskid is a revolutionary new product that can reach 8% higher and 60% further forward than any skid steer on the market.

The unique telescopic boom gives the Teleskid a lift height of four metres, enabling it to easily clear high-sided manure spreaders, trailers and feed mixers, and to double stack – and retrieve – hay, silage and straw bales. The unique forward reach – 2.25m ahead of the front wheels – means the Teleskid can comfortably lift bales over gates and barriers and place them into ring feeders.

And in an industry first, the Teleskid is the only skid steer in the world that can dig below its chassis to an unparalleled depth of around one metre, adding further workload versatility to a machine that can turn within its own length and operate in and around small farm buildings where access is denied to larger materials handling machines.

The wheeled version of the Teleskid launched at Agritechnica is offered in Europe, while in North America both wheeled and tracked versions are available.

JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer Tim Burnhope said today: “Through innovation this machine will surpass the expectations of our customers as the world’s first skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom.

“The JCB Teleskid can reach further forward and lift higher and dig deeper than any other skid steer. The JCB Teleskid can do the work of four machines - a telescopic handler, masted forklift, compact loader and a skid steer, all in one easily-serviced machine.”JCB pioneered telescopic technology with the launch of the Loadall 40 years ago and today it’s the biggest selling telescopic handler in the world. Nearly 25 years ago JCB also introduced another innovation: the industry’s first single-arm - or ‘Powerboom’ - skid steer loader, taking safety to new levels.

Now the company has taken its drive for innovative product solutions a stage further by combining both technologies into one to produce the JCB Teleskid: a skid steer and track loader complete with a telescopic boom.

The JCB Teleskid has an unrivalled forward reach of 2.25 metres, 60% more than the nearest competitor machine.With a lift height of four metres, the JCB Teleskid can reach 8% higher than any other skid steer in the world.

The JCB Teleskid is the only skid steer loader to combine vertical and radial lift capability.  A unique automatic levelling system engaged by the operator allows the bucket level to be set and maintained throughout the boom’s range of movement.

The JCB Teleskid will feature a fully enclosed cab that is 33 per cent larger than industry average, and JCB’s myCHOICE software, allowing control responsiveness and joystick sensitivity to be tailored to suit operator preferences.

A 74hp/55kW JCB Ecomax engine provides high torque at a low RPM and ensures compliance with Tier 4 Final / Stage IIIB emissions standards.

Source: JCB Press Office