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JLG assists with two 1850SJ ultra booms on the demolition of the Morandi bridge

JLG 1850SJ
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JLG 1850SJ

JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company and a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telehandlers, is pleased to announce the supply of two 1850SJ telescopic aerial platforms for the important demolition project of the Morandi Bridge.


The Viaduct of the Polcevera of Genova, named after its designer Riccardo Morandi, represents a strategic infrastructure for the road connection between northern Italy and the south of France.

The structure was over a kilometer long, supported by three concrete pillars. On August 14, 2018, a 200-meter section in the center of the bridge suddenly collapsed together with the pillar. More than 9 months after the tragic collapse, which claimed the lives of 43 victims, the dismantling of what remains of the structure is now underway.

A project of this magnitude requires machines which are up to the task, such as the JLG Ultra Boom 1850SJ, which is the highest self-propelled telescopic aerial platform in the world, with a working height of 58.56 m, delivering an impressive horizontal outreach of 24.38 m and a work area of ​​83,000 m3, thanks to its telescopic jib.

The two Ultra Booms 1850SJ are involved in the demolition of the Morandi bridge. The bridge is -through use of a refined demolition method- the bridge is dismantled piece by piece, at a height of 45 meters. The bridge sections are then secured and lowered by a crane.

In the meantime, construction work has officially begun based on the prestigious Renzo Piano project, with the first pole in the ground. This new bridge, which is expected to be ready early in 2020, will be 1.1 km long, will have a height of over 45 meters and will become the new reference point for this important Mediterranean city and port.

The two 1850SJ telescopic aerial platforms have been supplied by WERENT, a historic partner of JLG in Italy. The company is in operation since 1996 primarily renting construction and lifting equipment. With offices in across Italy, WERENT operates national and on an European level, renting out a fleet of 1200 units.

"The collaboration and mutual respect between JLG and WERENT has lasted for more than two decades," says Alessandro Maschera, JLG Sales Manager for the North-East. "JLG is very pleased with WERENT providing high service standards for JLG products in the Italian market and beyond".

"JLG is one of our historical suppliers" confirms Enrico Piovan, WERENT sales manager for northern Italy "From its start, WERENT has chosen JLG as its prime supplier for access equipment. Known for its product reliability and continuous research in improving machine safety and performance, JLG delivers us an unmatched commercial service, technical assistance and supply of spare parts. With a partner like JLG we are able to guarantee a service of absolute excellence. We have the whole range of JLG aerial platforms, including 6 units of 1850SJ, the JLG flagship.”


"Given the project specifics around the demolition of the Morandi bridge, choosing two the 1850SJ was an easy one," adds Enrico Piovan. "The JLG 1850SJ is a machine with excellent performance, delivering the highest self-propelled platform in the world. Completed by a 454 kg load capacity, the 1850SJ proved to be the ideal solution given the strategic importance of the work; the expectations and hopes placed on this project. We look forward to the progress of the work, which would be a rebirth for Genova and the restauration of its lost harmony.”

In the picture, from left Alessandro Maschera, JLG Sales Manager for the Northeast, Michele Marraffa, owner and administrator WERENT, Enrico Piovan, WERENT sales manager for the North of Italy.