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John Deere 7R Series tractor sets a new fluid efficiency benchmark

Having undergone the demanding Powermix test at the DLG test centre in Groß-Umstadt (Germany), the John Deere 7310R tractor recently set a new fluid efficiency record among high horsepower iT4 and FT4 tractors.


With an average of only 258g/kWh* total fluid consumption across all the Powermix field cycles, the 7310R now sets a new standard which will help customers to significantly reduce their operating costs.

Farmers and contractors carrying out a high level of road transport applications will benefit from the 7310R’s performance, as also reflected in the recently published DLG Transportmix test. Measurements taken at the DLG test centre recorded a fluid consumption of only 462g/kWh**, compared to an average of 605g/kWh*** for all the iT4/FT4 machines tested so far in this horsepower segment.

According to John Deere, the 7310R’s test results reflect that excellent fluid efficiency is the result of several factors, based on optimised engine technology that combines a diesel exhaust filter, series turbochargers, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and a higher fuel injection pressure to achieve FT4-compliant combustion quality. Complemented by the new e23 transmission offering 23 forward and 11 reverse speeds, this makes John Deere 7R Series tractors among the most efficient in the industry.

*258g/kWh (249g diesel and regeneration + 9g urea)

**at 40km/h including 12g/kWh urea (total fluid 462g/kWh)

***profi Schleppertest 10/2014 (John Deere 7290R)

Source: John Deere GmbH & Co. KG; ASM Public Relations Ltd