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Partnership with Agricon

John Deere Announces Strategic Partnership With Agricon GmbH

John Deere announced today it has established a strategic partnership with Agricon GmbH to better serve existing and future John Deere customers  in agronomic digital services utilizing Precision Ag technology.  The services  will be offered  as agronomic Farm Sight™  Service Packages through the John Deere dealer.


Agricon is a leading provider of solutions for digital plant cultivation in Europe, CIS & NAMME. The company supports farmers using their machines, operating resources and work time more efficiently  utilizing digital plant  cultivation services and technologies.

Through  its industry  leading distribution  partner network, the John  Deere dealers together with Agricon will make  digital solutions available  to its customers. The partnership expands the ability  for John Deere dealers to leverage digital technology to fully exploit the economic value.

“John Deere on its mission to stay the undisputed leader in Precision Ag fully acknowledges  the importance  of interpreting Precision  Ag data right,” says Denny Docherty, Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Agricon has establih hed digital agronomic knowledge and experience for over 20 years. We are looking forward for a strong partnership to further develop our best in class solutions leveraging connected machinery, Precision Ag technology and dealer channel.”

Today’s farmer collect a huge amount of data already but are often challenged with decoding it and using the information for their next operation to reduceinputs  and maximize  yields in a measurable  way. This is Agricon’s core competency.


“You have to start from the problem.” explains Peer Leithold, CEO of Agricon GmbH. “Operation modes that slow down the efficiency or hinder the work of a  farmer  need to  be identified  and improved through  innovations. Digital technologies offer an enormous toolbox for this.”

The partnership brings exclusive opportunities to further enhance the capabilities of the industry leading John Deere Operations Center. Customers benefit  from connecting  machines, fields,  operators and agronomic  support.

This paves the way to a fully connected and automated farm, while ensuring customers maintain full control over their data. Both companies will be jointly represented on the AGRITECHNICA 2019 in hall 13 on the John Deere booth C40.

Source: John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG