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Jungheinrich EasyAccess Ensures Greater Security

Protection against unauthorised vehicle use / Individual access control / Increased security in the warehouse / Reduced operating costs due to the effective protection of man and machine


The Jungheinrich EasyAccess system is a new, intelligent “key technology” from the company's fleet management product line, allowing vehicle access without the use of conventional keys. “EasyAccess represents the expansion of our fleet management solutions by an additional product that enhances warehouse security and thus further improves the efficiency and economics of stacker fleets,” remarks Janine de Geus, Fleet Management Product Manageress at Jungheinrich, adding that the new system “protects man and machine effectively and helps cut operating costs.” EasyAccess is being unveiled at the LogiMAT 2016 exhibition in Stuttgart and the CeMAT, world leading trade fair for intralogistics & supply chain management, in Hannover with subsequent product availability around the globe.

Key to Greater Security

EasyAccess is available in three different versions, each one geared to the size and needs of the respective company. The EasyAccess Softkey version requires the driver to enter an access code on the driver display before the truck can be operated. Up to 10 different codes can be entered and managed via the display. The EasyAccess PinCode version is designed for larger-size fleets, with every staff member receiving their own individual access code for the trucks, with the pin code field able to accommodate the allocation and management up to 100 different codes. The EasyAccess Transponder version is especially useful for companies which already have transponder cards or where transponders are in use for the ISM Online fleet management system. This solution allows the customer to read and manage up to 100 different transponders, with the advantage that drivers no longer need to memorise any access codes.

“EasyAccess allows customers to control exactly which staff member can use exactly which vehicle,” explains de Geus. “You can also call up the ten most recent logins on the vehicle display. The fleet operator thus has a continuous overview of the use of his vehicles.” The EasyAccess Transponder version is moreover available as a standalone solution for vehicles from other manufacturers.

Fleet Management Solutions Provider

Just like the holistic, intuitive ISM Online fleet management system, EasyAccess is a solution which customers can use to efficiently manage their intralogistics systems and increase warehouse security. More than 45,000 vehicles throughout Europe are already equipped with Jungheinrich fleet management solutions which can be individually adapted to fit customer requirements. Customers thus benefit from the experience and know-how stemming from over ten years of Jungheinrich fleet management technology.

Source: Jungheinrich