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Jungheinrich to Appear at bauma 2016

Featuring an extensive product portfolio and an array of solutions tailored to the construction industry, Jungheinrich will be appearing at the “31st Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment,“ from April 11th to 17th in Munich.


The main focus of Jungheinrich's appearance at the show (open-air site F9/stand 908 A) will consist of counterbalanced trucks manufactured at the company's Bavaria-based Moosburg plant. This includes diesel and LPG powered stackers with hydrodynamic and hydrostatic drive, designed to cope with rugged applications (DFG/TFG), as well as the company's entire range of electric counterbalanced trucks. Featuring lifting capacities of up to 3.5 tonnes, the DFG and TFG series 3 and 4 forklifts have won over independent testers as well as customers in the field since their market launch. Particularly popular features include their good visibility, ergonomic workstations and ease of operation. These robust “workhorses“ also delight users with their low energy consumption, high turnover and low maintenance costs.

In addition to its counterbalanced trucks, Jungheinrich will showcase an extensive range of electric high and low platform trucks for building material dealers at bauma 2016, including the EJC 214z electric pedestrian-controlled platform truck with support arm lift and a 1.4 tonne capacity. This high-performance machine comes optionally equipped with double-deck operating mode, featuring a triple mast with a maximum lift height of 5,350 mm.

“Since operating conditions in the construction industry are often harsh and dusty, the construction industry requires particularly robust and reliable vehicles, but also flexible trucks with high residual lifting capacities and application-specific attachments. The stackers are moreover generally in operation over two or even three shifts and need to support extremely high turnover rates,“ reports Marek Scheithauer, Head of VFG Product Management at Jungheinrich Moosburg AG & Co. KG. For this reason, Jungheinrich stackers can be fitted with numerous auxiliary features, including special filter solutions or encapsulated drives tailored to a number of different applications in the building material manufacturing and retailing industry.

Source: Jungheinrich