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Karel Decramer quits as sales director at Dewulf

Karel Decramer has decided to quit as the sales director for the vegetable division of Dewulf, specialist in the field of harvesting technology for potatoes and carrots. After a good career of 16 years at the family company, he is ready for a new professional challenge. Karel Decramer will stop his operational duties at the end of October 2017, but will continue to maintain close ties with the company as a shareholder.


Karel Decramer can look back at a great career at Dewulf during which he helped shape the growth of the company to the global top class of agricultural machine manufacturers. He was also responsible for the further development of Dewulf’s dealer network. Mr. Decramer was, moreover, together with the other directors at the cradle of the take-over of the Dutch Miedema in 2014. About his period at Dewulf he comments: “When I look back at my years at Dewulf, I’m pleased with what we have accomplished. Today, we are able to offer agricultural professionals in the potato and vegetable business a full, modern product range. Our clients can truly notice our corporate values innovation, reliability, enjoyability and economical thinking in everything we do.”

Since 2001, Karel Decramer has held the role of sales director at Dewulf. He belongs to the third generation of directors at the family business that was founded by his grandfather in 1946. Personally, he felt it was time for him to look for a new professional challenge outside of the company. He does, however, maintain close ties with the business. “I have full confidence that I’m leaving the company in capable hands with the current management. Even though, I’m quitting my role as sales director, I will remain a proud shareholder of Dewulf”, says Mr. Decramer.

Karel Decramer’s resignation has created a job opening that will be filled in by an external sales director. This person still has to be hired by Dewulf. The company will soon start up the recruitment process to find this new colleague.  

Source: Dewulf N.V.


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