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Karnott, the science of algorithms and artificial intelligence in support of new agricultural practices

From a single algorithm at the beginning, Karnott is now able to analyze the operations of 30 categories of equipment, whatever its brand and its age. Each one responds to a particular algorithm, elaborated and refined empirically according to cases studies and feedback from clients.

Created by two entrepreneurs from Lille, Alexandre CUVELIER and Antoine DEQUIDT, Karnott has been revolutionising the agricultural sector for two years with its connected solution that makes it easier to monitor and share agricultural equipment. Karnott received a Sima Innovation Award for the way in which the French AgTech startup has used the science of algorithms to developnew, efficient and collaborative agricultural practices. efficientes et collaboratives.

Karnott, when agriculture and digital technology meet

Karnott is a connected solution that automatically calculates, analyses and archives all the interventions carried out by each agricultural equipment thanks to a meter (including a GPS and multiple sensors) coupled to a powerful but user- friendly web application. The result is the substitution of the traditional notebooks still in use in the agricultural sector for a digital solution without encoding. The connected Karnott meter meets indeed the required efficiency. What makes Karnott a unique solution on the market today: the creation of unique algorithms capable of performing a detailed analysis of operations of each type of agricultural equipment with the objective of breaking down the periods of performance of an agricultural activity.

“In France, farmers are increasingly pooling their equipment in order to reduce mechanisation costs, which represent 30% of the farm’s total budget.

While sharing means keeping precise accounts on the use of equipment, the 300 000 farmers now do so on a paper notebook, a source of additional administrative burden. For the past two years, Karnott has been changing these habits with its connected object, which automatically counts the use made of the equipment and detects the co-owner in order to establish accurate and precise accounts. Farmers need to save time and reduce the red tape in order to focus on their work. Our users have no operations to perform. All they have to do is consult the result and follow the evolution of the equipment” says Antoine Dequidt, co-founder of Karnott.

Unique algorithms combined with increasingly sophisticated machine analysis

For the past two years, Karnott teams have been carrying out extensive R&D work on the collection, exploitation and analysis of geospatial data.

The solution proposed by Karnott is new. What makes it special? The creation of unique algorithms capable of performing a detailed analysis of the operations of each type of agricultural equipment. The key is the ability to differentiate between periods of machine activity, intermediate periods (unloading and/or reloading of equipment), travel times and rest periods.

“We develop our entire product in-house, not a week goes by without upgrading the product» explains Alexandre Cuvelier, co-founder of Karnott. Our trademark is our active listening and co-construction approach that we have implemented with our clients. With a single goal: to give a solution to their daily problems. Our developers are working tirelessly to improve data collection and processing, and further simplify the use of the product.”

An innovation in the way of using equipment disrupting the habits of the agricultural world

In addition to machinery rings and contractors, Karnott’s customers include dealers, agricultural equipment manufacturers and the agri-food industries.

The Karnott solution is generating value: in addition to making data more reliable and simplifying administrative management, it allows you to check the availability of equipment with a single click and automate invoicing, thus improving profitability.

Another advantage is that real-time monitoring of operations makes it possible to know precisely the time spent per crop in order to calculate margins.

Thanks to its algorithms, Karnott performs a surface calculation that is more than 97% accurate. This error rate is expected to be close to 0% as soon as it becomes possible to exploit the geospatialized data provided by Galileo, around 2019. The startup is the only one to offer this degree of precision.

An AgTech gem with a product 100% made in France is accessing the international market

From the initial drawings to the electronic board manufacturing, Karnott has designed and developed its entire connected box in France. Mounted on machines - tractors, trailers, seeders.... - Karnott offers a meter compatible with all brands and ages. Operating on battery, autonomous, it allows to collect and send back geospatial positions and movements of the equipment.

Established in 2016 in Euratechnologies, first French startup incubator and accelerator,

 Karnott is a constantly growing company. In two years, this AgTech gem has raised in two campaigns a total amount of 3.5 million euros, joined the “Ferme Digitale”, obtained various prizes, and forged several strategic partnerships...

From two founders at the beginning, Karnott now has 29 employees and has 1600 connected meters in operation all over France.

As France’s leader in real-time monitoring of agricultural equipment activities, Karnott intends to export its know-how. Already distributed in Belgium, new markets are already targeted: Canada, where a member of the team is currently making initial business contacts, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Source: Karnott