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Hitachi ZW310-6

KB Group expands fleet with Hitachi Premium Rental

The KB Group (video) has expanded its fleet of Hitachi construction machinery with the delivery of two new wheel loaders – a medium ZW310-6 and large ZW370-6 – from Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) Nederland. The Dutch company has facilitated its recent growth in services relating to the processing and transport of 650,000 tonnes of raw materials per annum with the Hitachi Premium Rental programme.

“It’s better for us to rent the ZW310-6 and ZW370-6 from the Hitachi dealer, because this removes any potential headaches,” says KB Group Director Jan-Otto van Olst. “Our wheel loaders work hard with the added security of knowing that they come with a full-service agreement.

Hitachi ZW370-6

“The market can change rapidly and the KB Group needs to react quickly. Rental helps us to avoid any unexpected losses with this in mind. It is also a good business model for us, as we have the latest technology at our disposal, with the latest engines for low emissions and fuel consumption.”

Strategically based at Amsterdam’s Western Port, the KB Group crushes, washes, separates and mixes the materials into high-quality commodities, such as anthracite, PCI coal, iron ore and scrap metal. These processes are completed with a wide range of machinery that includes the two rented wheel loaders, as well as a ZX350LC-6 and ZX300LC-6 medium excavators, another ZW310-6 and a ZW95-6 compact wheel loader.

Hitachi ZX350LC


Jan-Otto received a number of personal recommendations before choosing his company’s preferred supplier: “A friend recommended Hitachi machines with regard to their ease of use for operators. He was correct and I believe that the balance between the number of features in the control panel is just right in terms of complexity. This is important, because we can change operators and there is no impact on their overall accuracy or productivity.

“Other friends had highlighted the reliability of Hitachi equipment and my first experience of ownership was a ZX470 excavator. It kept running for over 5,000 hours with no problems whatsoever. I’m really happy with the whole Hitachi package. The wheel loaders and excavators work well – and are very reliable – plus the dealer always keeps his word.

“The biggest benefit of hiring the Hitachi wheel loaders is the peace of mind that comes from knowing our fixed running costs. If there’s an issue to be resolved, HCM Nederland’s support is key. If a wheel loader stands still, then the whole process stops. The availability of our machines is therefore of vital importance, and so we need to keep them running.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV