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Kemper Enters the Cracker Business

The new Kemper ProfiCrackers TM will be available for sale in season 2020
Kemper Maschinenfabrik Europe
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The new Kemper ProfiCrackers TM will be available for sale in season 2020

Maschinenfabrik Kemper announced today it has established a strategic agreement with Scherer Inc. of the United States to better serve existing and future Kemper customers by offering kernel processors and rolls for various brands. John Deere has been installing Scherer processors in their forage harvesters for the past year and Kemper is taking over the distribution rights for Scherer kernel processors and replacement rolls for other forage harvester brands in Europe, the Far and the Middle East as well as the CIS states, Asia and South America, effective immediately. “This agreement allows us to expand the Kemper forage harvester product portfolio to better serve our customers,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Georg Wigger. “After an in-depth evaluation of the global forage harvester business, we determined that Scherer products would most effectively enable us to serve our customers and expand our overall product line-up.”

“The entire kernel processor product line will be fully supported by the Kemper dealer channel,” said Georg Wigger. “Kemper will also integrate the full product portfolio into our sales, service and parts processes to offer world-class service to forage customers around the world.” The current German Scherer importer, Tobias Häußer and Team, as well as the Italian importer, Agri Parts, will be integrated into the Kemper distribution network. They have been importing Scherer products for several years.

The patented hinge open design" significantly facilitates maintenance and replacement of the rolls


“It is a very logical step for Scherer to offer our products outside of North America with the full support of the Kemper organization,” said Bob Scherer, President of Scherer Inc. “We are excited about the opportunity to work with Kemper in bringing our popular kernel processors available to these market sectors.” Scherer will produce the new processors according to Kemper design specifications. All components are manufactured in metric dimensions for Kemper and are subject to strict quality controls. The processors are sold in the Kemper brand color under the product name ProfiCracker TM .

The Kemper ProfiCracker TM is characterized by robust components such as rolls, shafts and bearings. The special TwinCut surface of the rolls ensures perfect kernel processing even at long lengths of cut. The bearings are continuously lubricated with an oil mist and thus run cooler and have a significantly longer lifespan. Another special feature is temperature measurement at the bearings, which allows continuous monitoring of the bearing function and warns the operator of high temperatures that indicate a possible failure. Preventive repairs can be scheduled and as a result, major damage and unwanted downtime in the field can be avoided. The patented hinge open design allows for easy access and servicing of the processor. The processor can be quickly opened making it easy to change the rolls.

In addition to the new ProfiCracker TM , Kemper will also supply replacement rolls for Claas crackers and Krone conditioners. “We want to deliver all the requirements for excellent kernel processing while at the same time providing a significantly longer roll lifespan” says Wigger. “We are also in discussion with other SPFH manufacturers about a possible collaboration.”


Processor rolls for current Claas and Krone forage harvesters will be available for sale on a limited basis for the 2019 harvest season. Kemper ProfiCrackers TM will be officially available for the 2020 season; however, a limited number of forage harvesters will be equipped with the new Kemper ProfiCrackers TM during the 2019 season. Maschinenfabrik Kemper from Stadtlohn (Germany) is the leading manufacturer of rotary heads and pickups for self-propelled forage harvesters from various brands. According to their own data, around 50% of all forage harvesters of well-known brands are equipped with Kemper corn heads. Scherer Inc., based in South Dakota, USA, is a manufacturer of kernel processors and rolls for SPFH and stationary grain mills. Scherer is the leading manufacturer of these products in the United States.

Source: Maschinenfabrik KEMPER GmbH & Co. KG