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Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. introduces SK210D Car Dismantling machine

Latest Kobelco machine to aid fast and safe automotive recycling released in Europe.


Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the latest addition to its extensive excavator range, the Kobelco SK210D, a Japanese-made specialist Car Dismantling machine.

Kobelco was the first company in Japan to design an excavator-derived machine specifically for use in automotive reclamation in 1979. The result of 36 years of refined design and technology has seen over 1,000 Kobelco machines being produced for this growing market, and the innovative SK210D is the latest cost-saving Car Dismantling product.

The Kobelco SK210D is a dedicated unit designed to safely and carefully separate a full automobile chassis into manageable parts prior to disposal, i.e. reclaim of key metal and recyclable products. However, the SK210D is not restricted to automotive reclamation. Agriculture, aviation, white goods and truck reclamation are just some of the areas where precise dismantling and component removal is required.

Precision clamping and removal of smaller components, e.g. intricate strands of wiring harness, are deftly removed from the car’s chassis by a multi-role crusher that features jaw-like pincers (nibbler) attached to the main operational arm. The crusher unit opens and closes according to the operator’s input via a proportionate control button on the joystick. The fully rotational crusher head can rip, tear and crush with an abundance of delivered hydraulic torque. There is not one area of a chassis that can’t be accessed and dismantled by the SK210D in its operating role.

To assist dismantling, especially when it comes to holding the vehicle down while it is being stripped, the SK210D features the Kobelco Innovation fast two-way Clamp Arm. This allows the crusher to gain purchase and dismantle/crush while holding the object firmly. Stripping and bending tools are located on top of the clamping arms.

Operator safety is further enhanced on the SK210D with the standard fitment of a protective front and upper window cage. Excellent fuel economy and low noise output are also typical Kobelco machine attributes.

In addition, the work throughput of the SK210D is phenomenal. Where it would take one manual worker to fully strip and sort one automobile, the SK210D with operator can dismantle 60 similar vehicles in the same time, resulting in increased productivity and reduced labour costs.

Commenting on the introduction of the Kobelco SK210D Car Dismantling machine, KCME Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “The importance of recyclable resource is another area that Kobelco prides itself as being a market-leader – Kobelco innovation has led to specialist Multi-Dismantling machines that dramatically reduce time in the extraction process of reusable materials from end of life products.

“With precise and powerful hydraulic systems, quiet and powerful engine and excellent cabin comfort, the SK210D is perfect for indoor and outdoor working life. Backed up with unrivalled aftercare service, the SK210D is the perfect product to help safeguard the future today.”

Kobelco SK210D Car Dismantling machines will start to arrive in Europe in April 2015. For full machine specifications visit

Source: Kobelco