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Kobelco SK210D leads the way in automotive reclamation

Kobleco SK210D designed to be an efficient and safe answer to end-of-life vehicle recycling


In 1979 Kobelco designed an excavator-derived machine specifically for use in automotive reclamation within Japan. At the time, the impact of this new machine was huge and led to Kobelco further investing in car dismantling technology. Now, 37 years later, Kobelco still leads the way in automotive reclamation with the efficient and technically advanced SK210D.

Recycling automotive key metal components such as copper, steel, aluminum alloys, and noble and precious metals has become one of the primary foundations in reducing the use of natural ores within the car manufacturing industry. There is also another benefit of recycling and that is, for example, cleaner bales with higher quality and higher re-sale value.

Designed to strip end-of-life-vehicles (ELV) safely and thoroughly through innovative design, the Kobelco SK210D can convert a complete ELV chassis into manageable parts for the total reclaim of key recyclable products in rapid time. In the time it would take one manual worker to strip a vehicle, move and sort the components ready for recycling, an SK210D with operator can dismantle 60 vehicles. Therefore, increased productivity and reduced labour costs are significant factors in why the SK210D has become the market leader in ELV regeneration.

Reduced operating costs have always been at the forefront of Kobelco design and the SK210D is not an exception. Because the SK210D is a specialised variant of Kobelco’s famed excavator range, the machine saves you money through low fuel consumption and exceptional work performance. By being extremely efficient and with low running noise, the SK210D is ideally placed for ELV recycling duties in order to feed the need and demand for recycled products. The SK210D is not limited to ELV recycling and equally excels in the precise dismantling and component removal of white goods, goods vehicles, aircraft and marine transport.

A rotational multi-role industrial crusher attached to the main arm can rip, tear and crush with exceptional ease. A proportionate control button on the operator joystick also ensures precise clamping and then removal of smaller items such as wiring aluminum components, harnesses, drive shafts and starter motors. To aid dismantling of an ELV, the SK210D features the Kobelco Innovation Clamp Arm. The two hydraulic arms are mounted to the undercarriage with heavy bracketry, while incorporating stripping and bending tools located on top of the clamping arms.


Commenting on the Kobelco SK210D Car Dismantling machine, KCME Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “Kobelco innovation is unparalleled and this shows in the SK210D. Dismantling and extraction of recyclable materials from ELVs can now be done quickly and in a very, very safe manner because the SK210D reduces the need for additional human labour.

“The quiet and powerful engine of the SK210D combined with operator comfort allows the machine to be used indoors or outdoors, 24 hours a day, all the while with considerably reduced operator costs.”

Source: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.