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KOBELCO USA Expands Dedication to Service and Training

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA continues to add to its staff of experts with the addition of two employees, Yutaka Toji and Jun Shigematsu. Both Toji and Shigematsu will be relocating from KOBELCO Japan to join the KOBELCO USA team in the company’s drive to continuously expand its commitment to service and training.

“Service and training are both integral and growing parts of our business,” says George Lumpkins, National Service Manager at KOBELCO USA. “Our North American headquarters was designed around these areas to ensure we continually provide exemplary service and training capabilities while meeting the demands of a rapidly increasing number of KOBELCO excavators on the job. The addition of Toji and Shigematsu to our team is another building block that highlights KOBELCO USA’s long-term dedication to its customers and dealers.”

In their new roles, Toji and Shigematsu will be responsible for supporting and expanding KOBELCO USA’s service-related capabilities. Both men will be assisting the team in growing and developing KOBELCO’s service systems, implementing proper training and maximizing customer operational performance. In addition, they will each act as a liaison between KOBELCO USA and KOBELCO Japan on service and training related communications.

Helping Toji and Shigematsu succeed in their new roles are their rich history of working for KOBELCO Japan, as well as their extensive knowledge of service development, quality assurance and customer support in the construction equipment industry. Shigematsu brings to KOBELCO USA over 10 years of experience implementing the training and development of KOBELCO’s mechanical and customer support systems across China, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Furthermore, Toji has 25 plus years of experience designing the service and control systems of KOBELCO excavators in Japan.

“KOBELCO is committed to producing quality machines and industry-leading technologies as well as providing top-notch service capabilities,” says Lumpkins. “Both Toji and Shigematsu display the motivation, passion and expertise needed to build upon KOBELCO’s service offerings to the North American market. We’re excited to welcome them to our team.”

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA offers industry-leading crawler excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 245,000 lb. classes including zero tail swing, compact, standard, long-reach, mass excavation, and demolition models. Well-known as the excavator authority, KOBELCO is committed to producing quality machines with advanced productivity-boosting features and innovative technologies. With premier capabilities such as no time limit power boost and exclusive independent travel, KOBELCO machines ensure superior performance and efficiency for the toughest worksite challenges. 

Source: Kobelco